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Hi everyone I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 and I am at a loss. This all started as a simple lift pump install and I put a fass 150 on and it went south from there and replaced the pcm and checked all the pdc fuses and relays. The only code i get is the p0232 and I’ve checked the voltage on the fuel shut off and I got nothing. I’ve replaced the fuel relay and I’ve noticed if you barely even touch it it starts clicking there and at the vp44. I bypassed the lift pump and the vp before and it ran fine so I don’t think it’s my vp. I’m just tired of running from one thing to another. Anything helps thanks in advance. Also got the p0230 code once but hasn’t came back 

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From where it sits normally I can push it towards the front of the truck and I’ll hear it click at the relay and somewhere on the vp. Can’t find exactly where though and I’ve checked ever connector. At one point I guess I had it sitting right on and it cleared all codes and I let it sit about 30 minutes and it came right back. I just want to get somebody that knows before i break more than I fix lol. I also checked the voltage on the fuel shutoff wire with the switch on and I jiggled that relay as well and I never got any voltage but the vp is still getting 12v.

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Yes the fuel system relay, I have swapped the horn and the high beam relays to just be sure and they all do the same thing. I’ve checked all the grounds on body and chassis but not the block grounds. I’ve also noticed that if you leave the switch on for say 15 minutes the relay starts to get pretty warm, not super hot but definitely not normal. 

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Check for 12 volts at terminal #30 of fuel pump relay.  

If no power check fuse.

if power add jumper wire between terminal #30 and #87 of fuel pump relay.

Check for 12 volts at terminal #7 (RD/LG wire) at fuel injection pump.

If no power at terminal #7 ohm test RD/LG wire for open circuit.

If 12 volts at terminal #7 then ohm test terminal #6, injection pump ground, (BK/TN wire).

If open circuit repair ground. 

If ground is good then test for 9-14.5 volts to terminal #5, injection pump fuel shut-off signal, (LB/RD).

If voltage is out of that range then the ECM is bad or open circuit for voltage to it.

If voltage is good then perform the hot wire test for the VP44, see below.      



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