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Deinstall Transmission Line from primary Cooler

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How do I decouple the hardline from the softline aout of the cooler. Similar to below (taken off web - not a dodge ram)post-10132-138698169355_thumb.jpgI have the retaining clip on - but can't seem to get the hardline out. Do I just pull or is there something else ?? :shrug:I am decoupling to install a soft line from my AUX tranny cooler in back - thanks

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ok got it off. With a screw driver there is a little compression/retaining clip behind it.

Sucky thing is I think I have to cut this whole section out back to the hose - as the parts/adapters I have with the cooler kit are NPT thread - so I guess they intended it to go straight into the hose and then clamped down.

Make sense ?? :shrug:

--- Update to the previous post...


Got the lines connected, everything tight, and the tranny cooler frame up - will post pics/thread later.

Started it all up - and the 1 place I thought it might leak - bone dry.:hyper:

But it has 2 small leaks comming from the adapters they sent me comming from the in/out lines of the cooler. Its real difficult to get to now its mounted (sucks) but going to try and narrow a bit down in the morning, and work out a plan.


I used normal thread tape when putting together. Is there something else I can use that is better for making sure I get a good seal - that is safe to use in a tranmission line ?? eg Blue loctite or similar or some something else/better ?


--- Update to the previous post...

should I use something like this for the leak ??


Seems the leak is comming between the aluminium cast AN fitting and male NPT that threads onto it (brass).

I might try and see if I can get a brass fitting the same as the aluminium one - so I can make a brass-to-brass coupling ....... and then I guess use some permatex thread stuff like above as well ??

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We John you seem to of done well getting this far... sorry I've not been around much to help between company and running out to chase firewood...

But get those cooler line sealed up and you should be fine... :thumbup2:

Ha - no problem man :) --- well I got her all hooked up. Will post a thread with pics soon. Just did a 250 mile trip and no leaks - so all good.

Turns out they sent me 2 parts with barbed fittings - and part of the problem was I didn't understand the difference (plus their instructions still suck !! ha)

I was using a NPT with barb (female) against a male AN fitting. There was anotehr fitting that was AN - so I could get a good seal - but they really didn't look much different to me.

Anyway - got a fair bit done to the truck this weekend - so will post pics ..... front end totally cleaned up and resprayed and bolted down - looks sweet. And the tranny cooler all done - just gotta fit the 12V switch which I think I know how to do now. Tranny was running 20 degree;s cooler when running on highway just from airflow under teh bed. But main reason I want it is for when I am towing around town not locked up - gets hot quick.

thanks man.

--- Update to the previous post...

We John you seem to of done well getting this far... sorry I've not been around much to help between company and running out to chase firewood...

Was thinking aboyut this little dilema .....

why don't we do a pass around and get you



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