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The clutch in the 97 is a stock napa unit I replaced back in 2011. It would be fine except for me putting out more power.  I would like to stay away from a dual disk as well as full ceramic.


I was looking at the Valair kevlar/ceramic. I've seen em around the $750 range. Neighbor has a 13" valair in his 96 with 3.55s and has grossed upwards of 30k hauling hay. He is a little over stock power.... maybe 250hp.


I know South Bend is a sponsor here, and am certainly open to one, but I've never personally known anybody with one or have any experience. Heard good things though.


So, I plan to throw some injectors in the mix in the near future owing to mine being original and starting to tick. Maybe 7x.010 or 5x.012's. I have heard that 400 hp and upwards of 1000 ftlbs is easily reachable with my turbo and those injectors. I suspect that I'm already well into the 300 hp range. The turbo will keep me under 1000* currently with no smoke.

I still have stock timing as well but a bump to 16* or so is planned and a 4k gsk kit as well. Currently running no plate, but I have a Banks plate from an ancient Banks Git Kit that came with the truck.


I will tow quite heavy on occasion. 20k gross would be on the low end and maybe into the low 30s. It's fairly flat near the property here in louisiana so I'm not too concerned with going wide open up 6% grades in 4th and grossing 32k. There is actually a stretch of road near the house that is perfectly flat and straight with no intersections for about 9 miles.


Now that all that is out there, what do you folks think I should go with? 

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