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Fluid in transmission solenoid assembly

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Is fluid supposed to accumulate in the transmission solenoid that is attached to the xmsn housing? I have attached the diagram of the connector which plugs into this solenoid, I have cleaned out the plug a few times but fluid keeps re-appearing.


Just seems weird that have fluid in a electrical connector. the Main 8-plug connector attaches to the solenoid in question. I did some quick searching and could not find out any information on if this is/is not normal.




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6 hours ago, IBMobile said:

No, the connector plug on the outside of the transmission should be dry.


Thanks @IBMobile I'll have to go clean it out again tomorrow and see if the fluid returns. In the event the solenoid fills back up what are you thoughts on the cause?

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18 minutes ago, Dynamic said:

The pass through connector is leaking internally and needs to be replaced.

@Dynamic thank you for the response, could you point me in the right direction for a replacement part? I’m saving up the extra to purchase a transmission from you in the future but need to milk this one while I can!! 

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On 8/14/2020 at 8:38 AM, Dynamic said:

The pass through connector comes as part of the OD/TCC solenoid set.


Got the Solenoid replaced and seems to be working as it should, the replacement was fairly strait forward. Now I'm just tracking down my shifting issues with the truck and trying to find a good balance with the TV cable. There may be more issues to this transmission than I aware of as it never seems to really drop into 4th OD until I let off the throttle (normal driving conditions not WOT etc.)

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