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U0151 - 2008 3500 6.7L DRW G56

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So I got my truck back together after 1/2 a yr..  But I get this U0151 (Lost Communication with Restraints Control (RCM) Module)


I tried MODIS, and AlfaOBD and cannot connect to it.   Tried following some troubleshooting tips on obd-codes.com, to no avail..  I am mechanically and 12V electrically inclined, but the troubleshooting tips made not much sense..


Anyone here seen this issue/fixed this issue, or have any guidance?  The Airbag light is on, and I cannot get the truck state-safety inspected until it's fixed..



Thank you.

U0151 Lost Communication with Restraints Control (RCM) Module

Read more at: https://www.obd-codes.com/u0151
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  • Administrator

What the error is complaining about is there is no communication to that module. That means the CANBus connection is lost and you'll need a wire map and find the pair of wire going to the module and testing to see if the wires are good and seeing signal. It's possible to have a module shorted out and failed too. You might give Module Masters a call in Moscow, Idaho and see if they handle these modules if so maybe they would know the diagnostics for the code. 


Electronics manufacturer in Moscow, Idaho
Address: 2006 S Main St, Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: (208) 892-0764

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SOMEHOW, fuse 20/21 in the TIPM were pulled (they are joined in a fuse carrier) and were somehow disconnected from the circuit.   The U0151 code isn't appearing now.  But I still get a long crank, and (most times) need to remote lock/unlock to get the truck to start; otherwise, it just cranks/no start..  

Man, the bugs/gremlins you get when a truck sits for extended periods of time..  LOL




Thanks, Michael!




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