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need a new one I think, mine no longer squirts... Thinking about just gutting the one that is on there and adding some other type of pump maybe? Just wondering about the type of pump to get? Any pump that will pump water will work great I think, as long as it has threaded fittings I could adapt to 1/4" male barbed for the washer fluid line. Any ideas?? What is the max amount of amperage pump I could use before I would overload the fuse for the washer pump?

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I think I would just look in a junkyard or something. There has to be a million of them out there. The wires for it are tiny but that pump is quite a pump. My pump/reservoir is in the toolbox in my bed and I have a hose running all the way up to the squirters and when I connected it back there, as a test, it was going over the windshield and hitting me. They are noisy and powerful little things lol.

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