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Lots of codes

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So everytime i think I’ve got this thing figured out this crap happens. 
Truck is cutting off randomly. It will fire back up after it sits for 5-10 minutes and it might cut off again or might run fine. I just had the ECM rebuilt 150 miles ago but the cutting off was part of the issue. They told me the APPS circuit and the Lift Pump circuit was fried. 
Now i have all these trouble codes. 
Tell me what your thoughts are?

Truck is an 01 HO 3500 6 Speed with an AirDog165. No tuners on it. 

P0327 turbo boat sensor circuit low 

P0122 Low APPS Circuit voltage input to low

P0118 Engine Coolant Temp circuit high input

P0113 Intake Air Temp Sensor 1 circuit high input

P1690 Fuel Injection Pump CKP sensor does not agree with ECM CKP sensor

P1689 No Communication between ECM and Injection Pump  


P0380 Glowplug/heater plug crk A malfunction 

P0382 Glowplug/ Heater crk b malfunction 

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