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MPG Report II

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Got back from North Dakota early Sunday morning. Truck ran great.......no problems. We put 4 tanks of fuel thru Mighty Whitey in 1 week...........the MPG's for the tanks were 17.1mpg, 17.1mpg, 18.3mpg and 18.8mpg. The first tank and about a 1/4 of the second were used going up there loaded to the gills (truck and trailer) running 65-68mph. The whole last tank got us from Fergus Falls, MN to my house and the overhead lie-O-meter said 41 miles to go on the DTE. Not too shabby for a truck with 3 guys, 3 dogs and assorted gear towing a 5x8 trailer loaded down, with a small johnboat lashed to the top.My camera took a powder, so I didn't get any pix of our trip. However, when Lenny sends me some of his, I'll post them.

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