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September 11

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This is the last time President Bush will be the President for the anniversary of the September 11 attacks on our country. I can't help wondering in this election year how things would've been different had Forrest Gore....I mean Al Gore had been in charge. If any of y'all have done any reading into Islam and such, you'll know that appeasement is a sign of weakness in their eyes. Al Gore=the ultimate appeaser!!! They made a grave mistake underestimating President George W. Bush. He kicked some dupa over there. Let's continue the I love America/Strong America that John McCain and Sarah Palin believe in. Not the "Let try to understand them so we know why they don't like us" approach by the other side.

Fundamental rules of negotiating are: 1. Always negotiate from a position of strength. 2. Know what the other side wants. NoBama ignores these and many others. Can you imagine how he'd emaciate our strength in the region????? Then we'd have nothing to bargain with!!!!! Off the soap box.......for now!!!

Remember the fallen, and never forget who did it!!!!! :smart :smart :thumbsup


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