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Problem with automatic gear shifter

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I got one of Winslow's high idle boxes and the truck is awefull picky of when it will let it work. I tested the box with an ohm meter as per Winslow's instructions and it works correctly so I have ruled that out. Soemtimes the truck will start to idle up and then get to about 1000 rpm and just drop back off to 800 or so. Other times it will not idle up at all, even when its in the teens outside it should idle up on its own. The otherday I put the transmission in neutral it it idle'd up right so I thought it was the park switch but then the next day it idle'd up in park. I drove around the pasture loading up round horse panels and put it in park and hit the high idle switch 3 different times and it worked all three times but then yesterday it wouldnt engage in park or neutral. I can change gears without pushing in the break if the key is on, it worked when I got the truck but I accidently broke something in the column and its been that way ever since. :shrug:

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