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I was down in SE Missouri this past weekend snow goose hunting. The hunting was poor; but the mileage going back home was really, really good. I filled up just South of Sikeston, MO, prior to the drive home. I decided to spend the night at the P's house, rather than drive the last 75 miles in a stupor!!!!:cookoo: That said, it was 399.6 miles to the P's house. The following morning, I drove the rest of the way home. I filled up this afternoon..............653 miles on the tank of fuel. The last 4 days have been towing my work trailer. Prior to towing, I was at 500 miles for the tank when the fuel gauge read 3/8 tank left!!! Had I continued driving highway/empty like I was, I'm sure this would've been a 700 mile tank of fuel. I kept the speed at 65-67mph because the Illinois State Police are doing revenue enhancement on the Interstates since the state in bankrupt!!!!3rd gens are capable of good mileage!!!!:2cents:

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