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New Ball Joint Time

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Well boys, I finnally decided to replace my ball joints,@ 325k. Had them replaced around 160k, and it cost me over 1200.00 . I bought a set of XRP's from a store in Dallas a few weeks ago. I started on the drivers side yesterday around 8:30 in the morning, finally got them both out around 1:00, man were they stuck. Broke 2- 1/2" Craftsman breaker bars and 2 cm ratchets and 1 Snapon. Went to Sears in Arlington to change them out, lunch. Went to Northern Tool and bought a 900 ft lb 1/2" air ratchet, since my Stanley wouldn't hack it. The new one didn't hack it either. I had bought a ball joint press from HF, and man is it junk. Broke the middle receiver spacer on the upper, had to drop back and punt. Anyway, finally got them installed and moved to the right side around 5:15 and they were as bad as the other side. Soaked them both with PB Blaster, put the new BJ's in the freezer and called it quits for the night. Hit the other two around 1:00 this afternoon, after going back to Sears to change out 1 more breaker bar and another ratchet. I hit the upper with the new a/r and just kept after it. Finally came out, got the lower out with a little persuasion and a rap with the 3lb sledge. This was my first attempt at B/J's. I didn't think that it would take as long as it did, the guy on u tube did one side in 30 mins. I don't know about anyone else's luck, but i'd stay away from the HF press.

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