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  1. No problem man. Spent way to many years as a 12Volt professional so figured I would share some knowledge. There are a few other known programming methods that I will try to post for ya when I dig out some paperwork.
  2. Your SKIM unit is being interrupted by a faulty bypass unit. The bypass for the remote start needs replaced. As far as the key goes, there is the tan or gray sentry key, they are both different. Figure out what color yours is by doing some google research and order a cheapy blank. Take it to Wal-Mart and have it cut. Make sure they use the key cut box for the black head keys. Then go out to your truck and use your new key to turn the ign. on 3 times leaving it on with the 3rd turn. When the key light starts to blink crank the ign. over to start and the key is programmed. Some of these trucks (50/50) have a locked SKIM unit so in that case you WILL have to go to the dealer for them to unlock the SKIM and program your key. You will obviously know the SKIM is locked when it wont accept the new key. Hope this helps.
  3. Yes I do find that damn near anything from HF sucks these days. Glad you got the job done though. Ball joints are a pain!
  4. Never looked to see what # I am but there are some strange things that happen there amongst mods and admin now. Kind of a high school mini click now. I haven't personally had any problems yet but I mind my own until I get to pissed....
  5. Thanks for the search work. As much as I'm on CF I never thought to even look there for the tech info. Thanks again.
  6. Not to steal the thread but any better infp on grounding the #22 pin for the manuals. My 05 is a lonestar edition that I bought in Texas so it's not set up for cold weather. I had to add the block heater to it.
  7. From the lack of response on this thread I'm going to guess that no one is running a filter at all? That can't be good!
  8. I would like to know as well since I just sold my bad azz 02 to buy a stock common rail....
  9. Man!!! If I could crap out about 10,000 that truck would be mine.
  10. He is doing everything right OTHER than running the 50/50 mix of 2 stroke and PS in the winter. They cancel each other out when mixed and the 2 stroke is ALL YOU NEED for anti gel in the winter!
  11. I don't know why anyone would NOT do this mod? It's simple and it works. I have both of my 02's done and I don't have the oil smell in the cab anymore and don't have to worry about crap all over my radi and engine.
  12. That is the best way to do this. Use a test light or volt meter and probe the wires on the back of the light switch.
  13. I've been running the airtex on my 02' 1ton company truck with 13psi @ wot. I got some fittings and 1/2" line, then mounted and ran everything. For just over 200 bucks it's not bad. I still like the AirDog 150 on my 02' 3/4 ton better though since everything is built together on that unit.
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