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New BBcode coming...

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Been doing some studying of vBulletin and found a way of adding so really trick BBcodes...

You know my HTML pages all have very stylish warning and danger boxes... Like this...


Well How about having that over here... :drool:

Danger Icon DANGER!
The fuel injection pump supplies extremely high fuel pressure to each individual injector through the high-pressure lines. Fuel under this amount of pressure can penetrate the skin and cause personal injury. Wear safety goggles and adequate protective clothing and avoid contact with fuel spray when bleeding high-pressure fuel lines.

Warning Icon WARNING!
Do not engage the starter motor for more than 30 seconds at a time. Allow two minutes between cranking intervals.

I'll get the buttons up soon... :thumb1:

Now Mopar1973Man.Com has something no other vBulletin forum has... :hyper:

--- Update to the previous post...

Mopar Icon Notes
Testing the Mopar Box

Danger Icon DANGER!
Testing the Danger Box

Warning Icon WARNING!
Testing the warning box

--- Update to the previous post...

Done. 3 icons on the editor are now there to be used...

Posted Image - For notices, notes,disclaimers and other good tidbits...

Posted Image - DANGER - This might do bodily harm or cause death...

Posted Image - WARNING - This might cause damage to the truck or part...

Use some thought I'm sure some people will use it... :cool:

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