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Codes P1689, P0230, P0232, P1693

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The Diesel shop got to my truck. They'll be back on my truck today... so I need advise ASAP!!

You'll recall the dealership told me "No Codes", "Zero Fuel Pressure", "You need a lift pump" ($600 to replace OEM, $1200 to retrofit in tank)... charged me $88 for diagnositic.

The diesel shop pulled codes P1689, P0230, P0232, P1693. Apparently there is a test sequence which can test the lift pump.. it ran.


P0230 - Transfer Pump (Lift Pump) Circuit Out of Range

Problem detected in fuel transfer pump circuits.

P0232 - Fuel Shutoff Signal Voltage Too High

Fuel shut-off signal voltage too high from ECM to fuel injection pump.

P1689 - No Communication Between ECM and Injection Pump Module

Data link circuit failure between ECM and fuel injection pump. Low power, engine derated, or engine stops.

Monitor & Set Conditions

Communication between Engine Control Module (ECM) and fuel injection pump module is monitored when

ignition is on. Injection pump module is referred to as Fuel Pump Control Module (FPCM) in test procedures.

DTC may be stored if the time between CAN messages is more than 3 seconds or FPCM does not receive CAN


Possible Causes

o Wiring & Connectors

o Fuel Injection Pump Relay Output Circuit Open

o Ground Circuit Open Or High Resistance

o Datalink (+) Circuit Open

o Datalink (+) Circuit Shorted To Ground

o Datalink (-) Open

o Datalink (-) Shorted To Ground


P1693 - DTC Detected in PCM/ECM or DTC Detected in ECM

A Companion DTC was set in both the ECM and PCM.

Monitor & Set Conditions

PCM is monitored for DTCs with ignition on and engine off and with engine running. DTC may set if a companion module DTC is present. The PCM is reporting it has a DTC present.

Possible Causes

o DTC Detected In PCM

o DTC Detected In ECM


Using DRBIII® scan tool, clear DTCs from ECM. Using scan tool, check for stored DTCs in PCM. Perform

appropriate test procedure for stored DTCs in PCM.


Wouldn't it have been a beech to have spent $1200 and still not have a running truck!!

The mechanic noted the mouse sign... did not see any damage... yet...

His other thought at this point is a bad ground.

Where is the hard to see ground... behind what?

I've had it suggested to swap out the Fuel Pump relay.


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Don't do the intank pump... All the error code are right on and correct... The lift pump failed by having a open circuit... Then the fuel pressure fell and the electronics of the injection pump started over heating because of lack of fuel pressure and the heat generated by friction spinning part inside the VP44 pump. So now the electronics dies and so does the truck... But THe P0232 might be the reason for the it won't start again.. Not sure of that internally of the VP44 or wiring issue. :shrug:

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I have no intention of an in-tank pump. I had the truck moved from the dealership to a diesel shop. They're mostly bigger trucks & equipment. Not much electronic controled. I have a used AD150 & big line kit to go in.Should we try to make this run with the on engine pump or go ahead with the install?

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I found some good referance information on http://www.bluechipdiesel.com/ I called the Diesel Shop to pass along the information & they have the truck running! They found & fixed wiring faults... grounds & power connections. I have my fingers crossed on the VP44.

They will proceed with the AD150 & big line install.

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No way to know how long it's had low fuel pressure, as I stupidly don't have guages yet. I suspect it has not been long as I am coming off winter with only occasional use... corrosion during off season possible cause... I included a tapped elbow at the VP44 in the big line kit... gauges coming soon to a truck near you!

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Update: I had visitation with my truck & the mechanic at the diesel shop. He's made uo & installed the 1/2" pickup in the sender basket & the tank is about ready to reinstall.I also pumped him for information on the shut down & failure. Not sure which connection was faulty BUT he found corrosion not readily apparent in the Positive on the drivers side battery... in the stack of ring terminals. The ground on the passenger's side battery & the quick disconnect just off this ground. So separating & throughly cleaning these was done. He points out that the interconnect between batteries is a critical link in this truck... a high resistance connection anywhere will load the circuits... Learning every day. When the lift pump stopped running, the VP44 ran out of fuel. He had to bleed the schrader valve & injectors to get it to fire off, after he got the lift pump working again. He did not actually drive the truck after he got it running, so my fingers are still crossed that the VP44 is not toast.

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