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Exhaust Install

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I was not happy, very bad set up. Hangers in bad location some with no location. Poor. I called to give them a piece of my mine and the line was full :lol:Tail pipe way to short. My fender gets black fast the way it was, If I left it the way they sent it it would melt it off. I cut the new tail pipe off at the bend then cut my stock miter cut tail pipe off and welded it up. I like it, looks good, at least it's not just squared off. So I will fab up the rest of it tomorrow. I hate the muffler clamps, I use stainless band clamps when possible, that way you can get it apart easily if need be.When it sounds to good to be true it usually is :duh: Spend a little more and have less headache:smart: If you want to know the brand I will pm you. I dont wont to slam anybody publicly, I know some make a living selling parts. Now I feel bad not posting it.:shrug:

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