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  1. I advanced timing to 15.5 {i thought}about 4 months ago but noticed lately when I bog it i get grey smoke and not black smoke. im not trying for smoke but when i first noticed it i thought it was because of 40* weather. today was 60-70 and i purposely layed into it and gobs of grey. my boost still powerful 35 lbs and it might be running hotter egts than normal by say 100* . it still is peppy and gts up and goes. starts instantly on 30* days and cranks 1< second before starting. i think maybe from get-go i didnt set timing right but other than grey smoke it runs fine. any thoughts?
  2. I bought a timming set and barring tool from Snapon. Timming is set at 15 = 5.4. I noticed better all around power.
  3. I highly recomend everyone to pull your inectors and pump off to be recalibrated. My truck runs smoother, quieter and makes the fuel plate,afc smoke screw and pre-boost starwheel so much different that my truck set at 15 advanced has made me very happy along with the new over flow valve and lift pump.200k mile small investment...
  4. Injecton pump balanced and timed.Timming set for 15.05.New head bolts and .010 head gasget.Valves adjusted to .08 and .18Noise is MIA. The normal noises are there but not the one that was there.Clutch started slipping and found that #6 valve cover was leaking oil so I gave it a simple green bath and Psi bath and now its fine.The torque procedures for this engine are interestingly different than what I expected and I was able to time the pump in the first shot.
  5. This lift kit was really a lemon. But with 2" blocks in front and the lifts springs in the rear it sits 2.5" higher in the rear so it will be perfect for a horse trailer or hauling. Found out it was a 6" lift but the rear springs were only 5"...
  6. I did order new head bolts and head gasget from cummins, The head was milled .010 last year but the gasget they had on it was stock. I ordered a .010 over gasget..
  7. The pump tested good. They adjusted the plungers and timming. Will be installing soon.what would a single exaust leak sound like say the #1 exaust manifold gasget leak sound like? Would it be louder than a 460 or a 454 exaust leak... Louder and perhaps metalic due to the amount of exaust coming out from it because of higher compression? The noise did quiet down when it heated up... This would be embarassing if all it was is a exaust leak.
  8. I removed my wifes suspension lift off her 2001 2500 quad cab. We went to the junkyard and they sold us control arms off of a 1999. Their fitment/buyers guide stated they would interchange. However the bushings are NOT the same ID as the cam ecentric bolts the truck came with.All of the bolts are different from the 1999 to the 2001.Replacement bushings state that they fit 1996-2002 1500-3500Doing more research I found a listing for the right bolts and not the bushings.Raybestos/Moog both show the bushings fitting but another site clearly listed a seperate listing.1996-1999 uppers and lowers had smaller bolts/bushings and 2000-2002 had bigger bushings and bolts.Does ANY one have the correct part numbers for 2001 2500 4x4 quad cab control arm bushings and the front ecentric bolts for the caster adjustment??Please dont look in a generic parts listing and look. They will ALL show they fit from 1996-2002. I need someone with some previous experience in doing this and KNOWing the difference.94 to 99 use a 12 mm upper and 14 mm lower. 00-01/02 use a 14 mm upper and 16 mm lower.12mm = 1/2"14mm = 9/16"16mm = 5/8"
  9. BAHF... Its not that the the thing can absorb a ton of air or dirt, its about fine filtration,the filter is designed to filter the harsh dirt of any equipment can. If it was your water what do you want. ehh..maybe slightly dirty water or NO dirty water. By trade I am a water filtration and well pump installer.
  10. Thank you for the heads up. Trying to save money. Its about $100 more sending to OFI. Anyone else have any sugestions to help me out on where to send it? All input welcome!
  11. Pump is off. Decided a change of venue. I called Industrial injection and they will test and calibrate it for about $150. They also have new head bolts and head gasget for $189. Cummins Parts. I have fingers crossed that they will find something that doesnt seem right. I will keep updating. Now just need to find enough foam and a box to pack this thing into and send it off.
  12. Just went to Junkyard to get, trailing arms, leaf springs, track bars coil springs to replace her lift...go me!
  13. I'm curious to know if that made any rattling noise.. let us know when you get it back together.. curious.
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