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  1. My son had his carrier replaced, the mechanic used a die grinder to cut it off, took him only about 5 minutes.
  2. Anyone ever use this attachment? http://powersharp.com/powersharp_video.asp Saw it at a local contractors show last year.
  3. You may want to ask some Cummins Forum members for shops in their area http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/british-columbia/ http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/alberta-canada/
  4. Unless you know the dealership service department, you might want to find an independent shop with diesel experience. It maybe easier on your pocket book, and some shops will just charge the hours spent doing the work, not the flat rate hours. If it's in KM's, are you in Canada by chance? Regarding the choice of truck to keep: Given you have a growing family, a regular cab is not going to cut it for sure. Not like the 60/70's when my dad put us in the back (he had a cap on the box) and that was where we sat for 3 hours to the cottage. Cheers
  5. Mine had half clips to hold the U Joint in, Just used a screw driver and a hammer to separate them. Had a real issue though with the Front Spline being seized. http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/ontario/430987-drive-shaft-repair-company-west-toronto.html
  6. Nice deal. $8500 bucks up here in Canada buys you a rusty 2nd Gen 12v. We envy the Southern USA vehicles you guys can pick up.
  7. LOL, Bieber and Miley are competing for the Good Guys gone bad rap. Please don't send him to jail, it will just give him more material to stretch his career!
  8. Axle lock works, but i think MnTom may have solved my non problem then. I always thought these had Trac Lock, kind of sucks it isn't. Thanks for the speedy reply and possibly saving me frostbite trying to diagnose this!
  9. My son has my 98 2500 4x4 now and the other day he needed 4 wheel drive to get up his hill, and i noticed both rear wheels and the passenger front were spinning, but the drivers side front was not. I always thought all wheels spun on these in 4x4 mode? Any suggestions to what may be happening? Thanks Rick
  10. Cheap solenoids are on ebay, http://www.ebay.com/itm/94-98-5-9L-DODGE-DIESEL-CUMMINS-FUEL-SHUT-OFF-Solenoid-/200489281467 KDP and fuel lines/tubes rotting are another thing to watch for. Given it's age be prepared to learn how it all ticks, unless you have deep pockets.
  11. How new is your clutch? When mine was getting to the end of it's life, I would need to be rolling to put it into 1st or reverse as the clutch was not fully releasing. If engine was off it shifted no problems while sitting.My 83 Mustang 5 litre needs to go into 5th before I try reverse, has been that way for a decade or more.
  12. Thanks all for your suggestions, hope to get a crack at it again in the next couple of weeks, going to try the simple stuff first (vent clean etc.) as cranking down the pinion nut with the torque multiplier was a PITB.
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