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I have 701mi on my 08 the oil level is rising so what I'm thinking is to drain the oil at this time or should I wait for the overhead to tell me it's time to change the oil.I've always change the oil early on all of my vehicles the first time. My thinking was if their was some debris from assembly it would be a good idea to get rid of it.so what do you guys think.P.s. This should make a few of you laugh or cringe but I have the AD flash on my truck.I'm making an appointment to have the drag link replaced but I haven't shown up on the list to have the heat shield installed for the insulation under the hood? Will the dealer automatically update my flash level or am I better off unplugging an o2 sensor let it throw a code then plug it back in so they will update it?

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The rising oil level is from the DPF injection cycle of diesel during the exhaust stroke to burn off soot. It will continue to build up diesel in your oil as long as the emmision stuff is on there.

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I didn't know those could be disabled. That extra shot of fuel is the reason why we can't run Biodiesel in the 6.7's. What a drag!

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