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  1. I always thought that sound was the clutch on the fan. Now that I know it is the turbo it makes sence.
  2. It is interesting to see ground that isn't covered with snow. I have forgotten what that looks like. ---------- Post added at 01:17 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:06 AM ---------- It's pretty flat in Western Minnesota also. You can watch your dog run away for three days.
  3. Does anybody know who makes the Super Tech oil for Walmart?
  4. Yes you are Russ but I'm not that far behind you. Just a couple of years. You'll be 59 in your 5.9.
  5. On my 07 5.9 it will do automatically but I also had the dealer enable the cruse control high idle.
  6. That is what I have noticed also with my Jacobs. It doesn't seem to be real agressive at low rpms.
  7. I have owned 2 Dakotas. A 98 and a 01. Both had the 318 motor and were fun to drive. If I didn't need the CTD for towing then I would own another one. They are good little trucks although through the years Dodge has made them look a little beefier. I loved the Owl tires that came with them.
  8. I have had that happen to mine and I have a 07 with the 5.9 engine. The only time it has done it is in the dead of winter so I am thinking it was possibly a moisture problem. I put some PowerService in it and it was good for the rest of the winter.
  9. That guy must drive it only on the most perfect weather days and then parks it in the garage with a soft cloth tarp over it. That is a great looking truck.
  10. Here there is a three cent spread between gas and diesel. 1.85 gas and 1.88 diesel. A week ago they were tied then gas dropped three cents.
  11. -2 below here this morning. I feel lucky and will take mine off this weekend. It's suppose to be in the 40's for highs next week and I think the hardest part of winter is behind us.
  12. Yes it is a good feeling. I would like to see it continue to go down below the price of gas but I bet at some point it will rise again above gas.
  13. I'm in Minnesota and all last winter I ran 5% bio and had no problems at all. Now that we are getting into the serious part of winter they are selling Arctic Diesel which is a blend of #1 and #2 diesel.
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