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Code 3 MX-7000 light resto this past weekend...


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I picked up a Code 3 MX-7000 58" light bar for my truck to plow snow this winter..

I paid too much (found out after the fact) for it($300). It had extremely oxidized lenses, bulbs out, failed flashers, and a draggy rotater. No switch head, no gutter brackets, the list goes on. Most was found out after I got it home.

So I:

[*]disassembled it COMPLETELY

[*]rewired portions that needed attention

[*]rebuilt rotator motor (turned armature, re-faced brushes, etc.)

[*]sanded and polished every lens

[*]replaced all bulbs

[*]replaced flashers

I'll be making a 5-switch control box for it, possibly this week. A fuse block and Bosch SPST relays will be used for each light circuit.

As it sits right now..

Posted Image

I'll get more pics up, this evening..

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