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Evap Core replaced today!

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Had to replace my evap core today...it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Mopar1973man, thanks for your video, that definitely was a lifesaver...I watched it bit by bit, as needed, and wouldn't have realized there was that last stud behind the PCM-:banghead:. I didn't disconnect the heater core hoses at the heater core, but rather off the feed and return lines on the engine...this seemed to help keep me from dumping fluid all over the cab when I pulled the box out, and was easier to get off. Since it was getting dark when I put it all back together, I did forget to hook them back up at first...:doh::nono: Probably should have used a flashlight! I did what most of you all did, and loosened my dash, and then used a strap to pull it back. Think it took me about 4 hours or so, not too bad. I do have the disconnect tools for the ac lines, and the smaller line wasn't hard at all, but I was having problems disconnecting the larger line from the air dryer to the evap core. What I ended up doing was slid the disconnect tool into the fitting, and then pulling on the line with a pair of channel locks, and that finally separated the larger line. I'll post a few pics up later, when I get my camera and save them to my computer.

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