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So, as some may have read already, my wife's aunt is not doing good. As I type this she is actually out of the hospital!

Death is a funny thing. Not literally funny, duh! What I mean is, is that there seems to be a pattern that occurs before someone passes. I do not believe this gets to happen with everyone, but for those who are terminal and are slowly dying.

My wife's family witnessed this sort of occurrence on several occasions. When someone is terminal and only has so long to live, they experience this sort of roller coaster ride.

Once word gets out about it, generally family will come and see the person. Before the visits, the person usually will have a couple close calls before the family visits. Usually, thats why the family will come to visit! When family finally arrives, the terminal person usually will perk up and seem to do good and their condition seems to improve.

Although, after the while, family has to leave. Their obligations in life do not usually allow them to stay for very long and be with the terminal person.

After family leaves, the terminal person usually will do good for a little, and then the dive happens. Their condition will start to degrade and then pass on. They seem to be able to fight off their death. Then one day, they give up and they pass.

I imagine this is how it is going to be for my wife's aunt. We have left her and said our good bye's, but her immediate family is still with her. Hence, why I think she is not in the hospital. Twice did she almost die before her family came. She almost died right before we arrived, and once while we were there.

Once her family has to go back home, I do not think she is even going to be able to make it to the hospital and fight much more. I imagine she is going to pass sometime soon after at her house.

Why do I bother even mentioning this, you must wonder? :shrug:

Because, there is something about this we can all relate to. You see, this whole thing could have been prevented. But there are CERTAIN life choices people make that do not look at like they are something that will impact their lives FOREVER!

She has COPD. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. You can get COPD from many things, but there is ONE that takes the CAKE.


She smoked cigarettes all her life, and she still sometimes smoke now. EVEN while she is DYING! The addiction can be that strong.

So this is what I PLEAD with you guys over.


Right now, her husband still smokes. He has had mouth cancer and half his face is all screwed up from it! There kids smoke! Her husband is stubborn, and chooses not to quit. I find that to be selfish, frankly.

My wife's parents stopped smoking. Her dad chews, which is still bad. Her mom stopped smoking because she ALSO got COPD from it! She is doing what she can to keep herself healthy and slow the affects of it.

Heres the problem though. Even though you look at it like its your own life, it REALLY IS NOT. I look at this family that still CHOOSES to smoke even though they see their mother right before their eyes dying from the same thing they are doing!

The people have kids as well...

Think of how stupid, selfish, and IRRESPONSIBLE this is! They are setting examples for their kids to follow.

Where in the HELL does it make it okay?

From everything I have seen in my wife's family, there will NEVER be a single day that I will take up smoking cigarettes!

I see EXACTLY where smoking gets you. On a hospital bed, fighting for air, and bloated like a fish. You cannot move or do much as it takes all your energy just to sit up or even talk!


Think, what kind of legacy are you leaving behind for those who look up to you? I don't want anyone to remember me as the one who struggled to breathe and how much pain and heartache I gave my family dying over the simple fact I smoked cigarettes.

God help me, my wife has asthma, and asthma can develop into COPD as well. She never smoked, but I think she got it because her parents did. I think she suffered from second-hand smoking... :nono:

A little bit to try and think about next time you go to light one up...

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You hit the nail on the head:thumb1: Besides I don't believe God is pleased when we abuse our bodies.

:thumbup2: I'm a Christian and believe along those lines. Although, I'am not trying to push God out of this equation, I did not want to mention that part as some here do not believe in God. So I'm merely trying to state the basics: - A cause and effect, you may say...
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Great words of wisdom. It is surprising how many that we know will repeat what those around us have done. Whether it is smoking, drugs, or being an alcoholic. We see what others do and fall into the same trap. Like Hex says, you got to break the cycle! I had a former in law that had both parents that smoked like it was going out of style. Both were on oxygen, both passed away horrible deaths (at least in my eyes). Yet, the ex in law continued his smoking and passed it along to his daughter. They have money for smokes but not for food! :cookoo:

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