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Biggmann's cummins

steering and abs problem

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I just bought a 99 3500 i have a problem i have no steering and the abs motor pump is staying on. i had to diconnect the abs pump to stop running. i put fluid in the powers steering pump and worked the wheel back and forth then i looked under the truck for the leaks but not leaks on power steering pump. and still no power steering. and the abs pump stays on

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Ok... There is 2 problems here... 1. The ABS pump problem is cause by a bad ABS computer and you'll need to replace it. But during replacement you need to have it flashed by the dealer to set the speed calibration for it. 2. Now is the PS pump actually pumping? Did you try cracking a pressure line to see if it actually pumping pressure? Hows the condition of the fluid? Is it dark and nasty?

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