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Wild and Free

I leveled My 2010 Ram 1500 after ranch hand bumper.

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Well I have started to Mod my 2010 and most recently I added a Ranch Hand Summit full front bumper replacement and I also put on the optional front receiver with it. Along with that I added a Top gun Customz 2.5 inch leveling kit that included .75 rear coil spacers. I measured from the center of the front wheel hub to the bottom edge of the fender and after a couple weeks with the new bumper it dropped 1/2 inch and after the leveling kit and a couple hundred miles to settle everything in and after an alignment I gained exactly 2 inches over stock on the front. I also added an Access bed cover and a rear receiver hitch. On order are factory front axle and t-case skid plates and tow hook kit. It now looks like a 4X4 and doesn't have that belly dragger look. It still has a very slight noticable rake to the front yet which is what I like, I don't like when the front sits higher than the back or even too level. And it passed the biggest test of all, My wife likes the look and feel better too, she always said the front felt like it could drag on the ground.:hyper:http://www.dieseltrucksite.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=213&d=1344879950 http://www.dieseltrucksite.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=212&d=1344879872 http://www.dieseltrucksite.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=214&d=1344880044

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