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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Hurricane Sandy


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I spent the last 2 hours reading and youtubing them. Very interesting and it's nice to see the level of respect they give to them. If anyone even touches the area inside the chain, the guard does the port arms thing and yells at them, though it's a command rather than just screaming at them, very professional, very serious. I read about some kids messing with them and after they stepped in the area 3 times the guard loaded the gun and pointed it at them and said "stay out of the area" again, they didn't do it again lol. Nobody in the audience can sit while changing guards either, or they get yelled at. I like this discipline. Those guys died and we don't even know who they are so I would chew the audience out for anything and everything. I like how the guards are serious (as previous example showed) because you should only be able to show so much disrespect before you hit your limit. I never actually knew anything about this...glad I do now.

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