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smoke on the prairie

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I thought this was gonna be a thread about the "burning off" of CRP ground in the "plains states"!!! Never mind me!!!!!:cookoo::duh:

LOL...............:lmao: Wouldn't that be a kicker, put it in CRP for 20+ years to help reduce erosion to just burn off all organic material and get it back to pre CRP condition in less than an hour. Modern minimum or no till farming practices have all but made CRP a thing of the past in most cases. But the hunters seem to think this is the worst thing in the world.:doh: Like it was put into CRP just for their use.:lmao: CRP = Conservation reserve program for those who may wonder what it is The government paid a subsidy directly to the land owner to enroll their land into the program and take it out of production based on a formula of what the land would have made in rent or lost income from said land quality and use, It was to preserve topsoil from wind and water erosion in certain areas highly prone to this. Some but a small part of it was to save certain water shed areas too.
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