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Won't START!!!!! HELP

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I own a 2003 Dodge 5.9L Cummins "High output" with 185,00kms. I drove the truck today to the lumber store and shut it off. It was working fine. I came out to start the truck and with would not start. It turns over great and fast but no start. I had this happen a couple years ago. I ended up getting it towed to a diesel tech and for some reason from hook up to shop something jiggled or something, and guess what. ... It started when it go to shop with no problem. Ever since it has been fine except a APPS sensor that I changed 2 months ago.

I check the code and found a P0483 code which is a fan clutch. FYI My fan clutch wiring has been ripped off for 7 years with NO issues except poor air conditioning in the summer. I know this code could be from that but it has not caused issues before. Also I unhooked the two batteries for 10 mins (ya ya I knew it wasnt magic but I was desperate..haha) and still no start. I put the batteries back on and got a P2509. I am not sure if the P2509 was from unhooking the batteries and turning the key on and off and putting it in gear to try and clear memory or what. Anyways anyone have any info or hints???

185,00 kms

TST max chip

Fass fuel pump ( i can hear it pumping) havent pulled line to check though at motor.

Large exhause

Free flow intake

2003 HO cummins auto:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:

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wow 50 views and no hints..lol

I am going to disconnect the power line to the heater grid and give it a shot of ether and see if it fires. Will advise.

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I don't have a reader for pressure but have ordered a new scan/computer based program.

Fuel supply and rail pressure while cranking is ?

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Just like it did a year or two ago, as soon as the tow truck dropped the truck off at home, it starts.

There is either a electrical short that the movement/bumps moves, or it shakes an sticky injector.

This is exactly the same as before. I tried it 8 times over the last two days...grrrrrrrr

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