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  1. 2012 Heater blower

    Well.... I checked the fuse and it was fine like I said, but what I did find out was it does NOT show any voltage at the pins, UNLESS you put the positive on the one pin and the NEG on the battery ground (on the battery). Touching the two pins with + and - no voltage, now that is weird. Sooooo, I found out the solid blue wire going to the resister and fan motor has no voltage when the ignition is on or off for sure. So what I had to do was run a wire from the battery positive nut on the fuse block around and tape into the blower motor. It works this way, problem is.....you can turn the fan on without the key turned on, so if I or someone forgets......dead batteries. I will have to see where I can get 40A safely from the fuse block so it only turns on when I turn the key on. Any other suggestions welcome. Cheers
  2. 2012 Heater blower

    So......I took the fuse block out and it has NO corrosion underneath, ultra clean. Turned on ignition and there is NO voltage between the two points the fuse attaches too. hmmmm
  3. 06 Cummins dead pedal

    Moparman I read over your message and am a tad confused. Are you telling someone something about this or asking? My 03 had a dead pedal and I changed the apps sensor and did NOT have to change the setting and if fixed the problem.
  4. 2012 Heater blower

    Ok sounds good. I have a Red Neck fix right now....battery in back seat, wires and a switch to battery till I figure it out.. haha Wish I could find a service manual for my 2012 online somewhere.
  5. 2012 Heater blower

    No power to fan when tested with meter. That's obviously when ignition is on and fan dial to max. I checked the fuse and it appears to be fine. I want to find a schematic to see where everything goes and if there is anything else in the line from motor back.
  6. Hello Anyone have any issues with the heater fan inside the cab not working? Mine died. I replaced the resister/relay under the glove box and it still doesn't work. I also took the blower motor out and attached 12v and it spins great. The fuse also looks good. Help?