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cruise control

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I am having trouble with cruise.When you press steering wheel button the light in the dash will flash for a second then go out.If you repeat it after a couple tries it will not even flash.I put new servo same thing.where do I go next.no lites are lit up in dash.pat

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Ok it could be the rocker switch in the steeering wheel or the clock spring in the steering wheel...

just curious(and not being an ***). how did you know that? i don't even know what those are. lol

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Ok... Simple the only controls for the cruise are in the steering wheel. But let me back up a second. Back in the old days the steering just had a horn 1 contact on a ring. Well today there is...

[*]Cruise On/Off

[*]Cruise Set





[*]AirBag Trigger

[*]Stereo Controls (Behind the steering wheel on some models)

Now this mean there is no way to communicate all this on 1 wire. So that mean there is multi-wire strip that is wound up like a clock-spring in the steering shaft. There has been issues with the contact starting to show up on forums from wear and such. Then the clock springs have been know to fail over time too.

Now as for the rest of the cruise system the PCM on the firewall controls this the early models used a vacuum module that pulls the throttle and the newer model are completely fly by wire now (electronic) the PCM just tells the ECM how fast to go... :lol3:

So back to failur points... Since you said...

no lites are lit up in dash

That means the controls or wiring to the PCM from the steering wheel are to blame...:whistle:

You might even check for error codes it might give a clue...


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