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Update! Winter Time Performance of 2 Cycle Oil - April 30, 2

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For starters my lowest temperature around here was recorded at -20.2*F (-29*C) on January 16, 2007 in New Meadows, Idaho. This was recorded by my on-board thermometer which hold histories of HI and LO temps for both inside and out. During this entire season I never use a single anti-gel product on the market. Just diesel fuel and 2 cycle oil.Now remember above in the specs sheet for ULSD the gel point is 0*F.Now think about it. A snowmobile runs on a mixture of about 40:1 to 50:1 gasoline and 2 cycle oil. This very same snowmobile must run in extreme temperatures down as low as -40*F (40*C) and maybe lower. But what I want to point out here is... There is no problem with 2 cycle oil gelling up in a snowmobile in extreme temperatures as low as -40*F (-40*C) With mixtures as low as 40:1 a high performance snowmobile runs great. There is no reason why a 128:1 mixture in you diesel truck would lose performance to that mixture. Knowing that 2 cycle oil is lubricating your entire system compared to using a harsh solvent (that thins the lubricants) to breakdown the wax of diesel to keep the fuel flowing. Remember that very same snowmobile has no other lubrication system on board only the 2 cycle oil in the fuel to lube the entire engine. So it a prefect lubricant for your fuel system on your diesel truck. Here is a graph of my fuel mileage for this last winter of 2006/2007.As you can see I've go no loss of power or economy with the use of 2 cycle oil. All I got is high points! Think about it most people see a decrease in fuel mileage during the winter time. I'm not seeing much of a decrease this winter between the Edge Comp and the 2 Cycle Oil used in my fuel.As for IP and LP pumps. I'm currently got 43K miles on my VP44 injection pump with no problems so far. Then I got 10K miles on my current carter Campaign pump. Which still got 11-12 @ WOT yet!

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I used no additives other than 2 stroke oil this past winter. I'm in northern Illinois and last winter was very cold. We had quite a few days of below zero for high temps. :shock: Granted, my truck is garage kept overnight, but I still drove it in temps less than -15*F. No problems with the fuel system at all. From Mikes research, 2 stroke oil actually help lower the gel point of ULSD, which is a good thing around my parts.

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