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Pray for our country, you guys, esp. hard working people... we are being scammed.....


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You see our Gov't is working off printed money so the hope is that our grandchildren will have gainful employment to pay it back. But Gov't keeps legislating with an ideology that hurts, cuts jobs.You and me... we work hard to produce goods and services that have a much longer lasting value to our country than those talking, legislating, arguing and delegating. They take home very high salaries and expensive benefits. Our hard working folks producing goods and services have a positive ripple effect throughout the economy. It helps hold the value of each dollar by producing something of good useful quality.Now with almost every dollar printed your pay becomes reduced in value. That's why tires and fuel cost so much with big jumps in prices. Including Health care costs, food, the list goes on and on. You see the bigger Gov't becomes the less value we will ultimatly have since all they do is talk or push value less papers with rules that further shut down freedom of jobs. Then they print larger sums of money for their own self perpetuation be it retirements, vacations and other perks like job security.And the Bible keeps on saying over and over,'' a nation divided against itself cannot stand''You see we need a constitution and a Bible to take our Lords precepts and set in our hearts so we are guided, stop arguing, and set a path toward real strength and honor.Pray for all of us in these times.Mike

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We will be traveling a path soon. We will have come to a fork in the road and as a country make a decision. Whether or not people are aware of it. We will either continue to live in bondage as a slave, or well become a free people. The choice is ours to make. Knowing when to make it is important. Our govt. and the relationship it has with its citizenry is like an abusive marriage. Once we can stop the cycle by putting our foot down, standing up for ourselves and saying, "NO!" will they realize we are serious.If they threaten us for trying to get out of the relationship, there is only one course of action... Because I would rather not try a restraining order anymore and keep running and hiding from my abuser.

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There is a problem. A problem of leadership. I've just gotten started on a book called, "A shepherds look at Psalm 23". Its a very interesting read so far, and it goes into detail about this poem David wrote. When you can really start looking at the character of people compared to sheep, you see the parallel and why we are described as such.

I suppose people unknowingly coin the term, "sheeple".

But really, when you see it, you begin to understand that we are a flock without a shepherd. Yes, as Christians the Lord is our shepherd. In likewise, in our earthly realm, we need a shepherd to lead in our nation. Ideally, its supposed to be our President. The commander in chief. But the shepherd is not doing a good job!

Who will rise and be the shepherd for our nation? We need a David in our times, someone who will lead his people. But where is this David? No one is standing up like they need to, to lead this nation back on course! I fear, maybe our David that we need so badly to lead our country, was aborted?

God only knows... we shall reap what we sow! We need a leader that will chastise us out of love for the sake of bringing us back on track. But the bad shepherd is working so hard to make it not so. If only this shepherd would realize that if he took half the effort he has put into his so called flock, he would realize that it would be easier. But we as a flock shall continue to the slaughter... We are a sheep! We don't defy our shepherd, even if the shepherd is bad! We suffer from his actions... Sometimes we deviate and try to find the greener grass thats on the other side of the fence. But a bad shepherd does not view it as a good thing. We still must be brought under his cane and eat in the area that is given to us.

We need to realize we are sheep. We need to be liberated from the oppressor and seek for the GOOD shepherd. The greatest shepherd of them all may just send one our way in due time. Maybe we will receive that person of leadership that will unite us as a people and we can return to what we once were. No, we do not yield to this leader as if he is our God. The people of Africa called Nelson Mandela their father, savior! Do not fall for the deceiver, the anti-christ.

We need direction, leadership to unite us as a people so we can stand in unity and have a direction. We can say that we don't need a leader, that we can do this ourselves and that we can return our nation to the, "Republic, for which it stands" but your only fooling yourself...


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