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new fass installed

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my  airdog  frrp  lasted about 2000 miles  this  summer, so  I put the  newer  stock  carter  on it just to  get by. 2 weeks ago I posted  a  myriad of  cold start problems,  either fuel, fuel delivery, or just  too dang cold  issues.

So, besides lucking out  with a break in that cold snap,  replacing  filter, and dumping in more  #1 and  conditioner,   I noticed the  carter was  not  sounding very healthy too.


For this  go round, I  put on a  Fass  drp 02. I  got it bolted up, blue line  cut to length,  banjo fittings  pressed in,  and proceeded to  'blindly'  cut the  flex line  for the addition of  the supplied  suction filter.   I  intended to have that filter  somewhere the  starter motor, frame rail,  and  brake lines  wouldn't  rub.  (plus  try to keep it  as  close to  engine heat  as  possible).

As  soon as  I cut it,  I was  screwed.   For some reason  I  never  thought  the 3/8ths  flex hose  was just  a sheath protecting the  5/16ths  (or metric equiv.)   hard  plastic liner. The reason  I said  'hard',  was  because it was  3 below  zero that day....  and  very  unforgiving of   rebending/moving  without kinking. All forward progress that day  ended.

Trip to town  for 4 foot of   3/8ths fuel injection line,  (looks like normal  fuel line, but has  a thin  liner) and a  napa  gold  3270 inline  3/8ths   140 micron  screen.  

I've never been a  fan of  pulling through a filter,  that's why I  left the  fass supplied fram  G 2  filter in the  box!!



it  was  5/16ths,  but  no way in heck  I was  going to  stuff that  into  a  rock hard  factory line..  


I cut the  factory line off the  steel  frame  line,   and  my  new  3/8ths  slipped  perfectly over. a couple  of worm clamps  on  each side of the  flare,   I was in business.

I put a temp  gauge on my  shrader fitting,  and   it  appears   to idle  with 18-19  psi.

When  weather permits, I sure would like to  run a minimum  of 3/8ths from tank  all the way,  PLUS I'd  like to  'manifold' (in parallel) 2   of these screen filters.   Plus run  a permanent fuel pressure gauge.  I've seen talk in here  with the  needle valve for  dampening the  sending unit.... how about  these  snubbers  I found on ebay  for  19 bucks? they have  a  8 thousanths  hole  in  the  bolt that  replaces  the  factory  banjo fitting bolt...  and  goes  to a  regular pipe fitting  for  attaching the  sending unit.  Seems like  a  sanitary  way to kill 2 birds with one stone...

I'm  bone  stock, and  no plans  for  any  'upgrades'  to this.

THIS  pump got  'registered'  as  soon  as  I got it  from DAP!   (thanks  dap for  shipping  fast!)


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That is why I like the electric westach fuel psi gauges, they are designed and have built in hammer buffering protection, no snubber or restritcer fittings needed.

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