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Coming False Flag Attack


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The evil that seeks to destroy this land of our's does not take time off to honor the birth of Christ.  I feel it is important for you all to read through Part I and II and discern for yourself.  On part II where the comments come in about 13 down is one titled, Pine For Better Daze.  Check this site out regarding our Statue of Liberty. LOve MoparMom





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I have been following this story on and in different areas but they seem to all lead back to the same things.Here is another story that popped up today.http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/dhs-insider-preparations-have-been-finalized-to-respond-to-a-crisis-of-unprecedented-magnitude-within-the-united-states_12272013

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I have heard from a few different sources naming the statue of liberty as a symbol of the great harlot, etc. Also Great babylon being named after the port city in NY. Alot of things can be used to name one place or another and people as the epicenter of prophecy or someone as THE anti-christ. I understand the infatuation of finding the answer to such things and how we as watchmen need to stay sober. But I feel as though not enough time has quite passed yet to put a finger on some things.


I have even read about people telling the American public to flee America as it is the place referred to by Jesus when he says to, "come out of her, my people". Point is, there is NO where to flee! We are in this world, we will not be removed from it until the time is right and the prophecies are fulfilled at the right moment. This whole earth is going to be appointed to judgement. We are not going to escape whats coming. IMHO, for those who are saved individuals, if we are appointed to be here during the time of tribulation, we will end up falling into a couple categories:


1. Martyr

2. one who was able to flee to the mountains and go to a place that was prepared for them by the Lord.


The idea of weather manipulation and/or using the earth to be a weapon such as using an earthquake to bring on Martial Law and carry out their final plans is interesting. Maybe a little too over the top for my taste. I know there is a facility named HAARP in Alaska. I know what they say they use it for. But like all these things, when it starts to fall into conspiracy theory, the truth can become obscured quickly.


Now, I'm not a naysayer of anything. I can be just as "quacky" as the next guy about things, but in anything, I always take it all with a grain of salt. I add it to my knowledge of things, set it back and if the day arises it comes to fruition, I know how to react from there...


I don't count on this happening, but there is always a chance I'm wrong. I know the ultimate goal that is to be acheived, one way or another. I remember when the group ANONYMOUS released a warning for a couple buildings in the LA area not too long ago because they saw some red-flags. They gave a timetable for it to be carried out. It even coincided with a local DHS, FEMA drill, IIRC. It did not happen.


The drill they conducted with the power recently, the concern over that and what that could mean. All these have gone on and nothing came from it. I do not dismiss it, but I don't count on it. We have a battle to wage, to fight through the dis-information and seek truth.

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