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  2. I wonder if he will actually pull it off. Seem every time Trump does something they call the Impeachment laws in to remove him. I which some people would call the impeachment laws on Pelosi she needs to be removed.
  3. He doesn't need CA. He can be a congressman from FL where he lives.
  4. I can't stand Pelosi, but yea Trump won't win anything in CA. Better get a new game plan.
  5. I found the below article for a future political scenario. https://republicangazette.com/2021/02/trump-should-run-for-congress-in-2022-replace-pelosi-as-speaker-impeach-biden-for-stealing-election-and-return-to-whitehouse-in-2024/
  6. I don't think it matters to the liberals with Harris and the squad behind him ready to present their agenda. Kinda like sneaking an unpopular far left monster in the back door. I'm waiting for a time when it goes so far that the good people of this country take it back, peacefully of course. I'm afraid though that by then America will be bankrupt, with its resources, its beautiful forests and parks over taxed from use, open borders, excessive harvesting and mining, people in general working harder to produce, creating more deterioration/ pollution to pay excessive taxes and fees imposed on the
  7. ubject: FW: Biden Neuro Medical Status.....A Perspective from a Brain Surgeon Biden neuro Medical Status.....A Perspective from a Brain Surgeon First of all, I have had enough of the mainstream media! While I do not consider myself a political person, I am a practicing neurosurgeon with a background in cerebrovascular surgery, and I must scream "Foul!" on the media and here avenge the late Paul Harvey with 'the rest of the story' hidden from the American public! How many of you know that Joe Biden has had 2 brain surgeries, one on each side of his head? How many people know that Joe
  8. The second one was suppose to happen tonight, It was canceled. The third on is supposedly coming up in a few days, and is uncertain. Having watched most of the first one I really wonder what has happened, as in my previous topic. That was tragic, for both sides. I decided to watch the 1960 debate between Nixon and Kennedy and they only disagreed on how to achieve the end goal. They both agreed with the direction of the country and were both strongly for the US. They were both presidents of the people, even though they were in opposing parties. I would have a hard time
  9. I don't look forward to paying for the CARES act. I personally don't see how the Dems or Reps have and plan to decrease spending or make a neutral budget anytime in the future. Republicans say that they do, but short of the state level, it just doesn't happen. Tennessee has a YOY balanced budget, by contrast to the federal gov who seems to be stuck in full on growth mode with no end in sight, if growth stops for some outside reason, kinda screwed. Kinda like that f150 between the two buses. Your money should be safe in assets. The next 6 months are going to be very tellin
  10. Basically in a nutshell the inflation is caused by a very weak US dollar. Democrats still continue preaching socialism. Free health care, free this, free that. Sorry someone has to pay for all this free everything. I already know this will not work at all. As for the inflation of prices like locally I bought 3 sheets of 3/4" OSB and its $35.88 a sheet after 3 sheets and a paint roller handle it was $120 dollars for the shelf board and paint roller handle. Locally... Now I'm force to travel either Boise or Lewiston for better prices. I can do really well in Ontario bei
  11. That Guy, very impressive write up and appreciate the education/ information afforded . Currently in Oregon we have never seen home suppliers and lumber yards with so much business. I have seen contractors and their trucks waiting in line to load up all the way around the front of the building blocking any chance to park. It's amazing because we also have never seen plywood products double in price in such short time. We are very lucky we finished building a home last January. The owner must be building a great equity. I also think therefore it will most likely be an inflationary
  12. In this particular case, no. In our founding documents, we may only involve in the traditional stock market... and only long term. A month or so back, we had to have an answer as to why we were sitting on 40k cash on a 5% up day in the market. We are currently managing almost $800,000. The idea is experiential learning and making industry connections in firms. The UC Foundation which gave the initial funding ($250,000) and is the manager of the university's private endowment. They set the rules. We have a large group of advisors that are professors and industry professionals inclu
  13. Is there any talk of taking a defensive move to bonds due to an oversold market? I am surprised at the gains and think that maybe I should hold for awhile,. Any thoughts? BTW, I thank you for your perspective about my comments above, really appreciate that. I wish I went to your college.
  14. There are a considerable number of people in college that are working hard, but unfortunately, many aren't. I have come to the conclusion (some humanities studies excluded) that the colleges do not do much to poison..... it is the fellow students. It starts at home. It always starts at home. People are incredibly lazy these days.... and god forbid they have to work outside for an hour without AC, end of the world. They get out of it what they are willing to put in, that's why a college degree with nothing to back it up may as well be toilet paper. C's get degrees, but they don't g
  15. If the colleges would stop poisoning our youth and instill a good work ethic they wouldn't have time to waist. They would be spending all their time learning to provide a service or running a good business like they are supposed to be doing.
  16. I live near a small town and the republican party now rented an emty store to represent our county in ohio. I thought it was cool that they reach out to the more rural areas.
  17. Did you see on Portland news about a bunch of truck owners doing a parade supporting Donald Trump? The cops arrested two guys trying to stop the parade and starting a fight. The police even escorted the Trump parade the whole way. Cool Huh? BTW, the Trump supporters were very polite and well mannered.....did not hurt another person nor damaged anything. I don't vote for people that can't support law and order and can't respect police officers. They risk their neck everyday for us and it's getting worse for them.
  18. Just type in antifa.com and see where it goes. You should be taken Joe Biden web page now please tell me why i should vote for democrats? antifa.com -> joebiden.com Try it...
  19. Yeah if we are late on our debts the banks take you home, possibly your car. If the Gov't is late no problem just add it to the national debt. That is the part that pisses me off I work hard for the money I do earn I just get sick and tired of the Democrats wanting to give it away to illegal aliens in the form of free health care, free housing assistance etc. Like myself since I own land I do not qualify for any assistance I have to sell my home first. Just like I found out for my cancer treatment. 74,000 dollars and there is no assistance program for me because of the fact I own a house. I ma
  20. Yes...... It was $35 to enter the Grand Canyon. I have a few camping spots back in TN/NC/SC that are in free to stay at. Granted, I do not have a camper yet, in the market for one though. Knowing what the national budget is divided up into is a scary prospect. About 2/3rds is either social services or payments on debts.
  21. 30 years of work and effort. I'vew only got 400w of solar on the house which I want to upgrade. Then I've got a small 200w hydro generator. I've only got a 4,000 watt inverter (120 VAC). I added a step up transformer to give 220V power for the well pump. The water heater is converter to 110VAC and 1,100 watt elements. I even have a mini setup in the RV with 1,200 watt inverter, 35w solar panels. We have stay out for 3 night already and been charging the batteries with just solar. Yes sir. I know a few cheats to making that permit give me more too. Not legal m
  22. Wait..... $20 dollars for FOUR cords of wood????? It's $50 in Tennessee at a minimum and there are no places to collect it yourself like out there. And in Louisiana...... Easily $100-150. And Louisiana is a huge producer of lumber. I'm pretty sure it is illegal to go collect wood in the Cherokee National Forest that isn't already dead. That's the closest government owned woods to me. Everything else is all privately owned. You have amazing property Mr. Mopar, and I'll have to pick your brain about that hydroelectric setup. I almost decided to go to school for civil or electrical en
  23. Exactly correct answer. I seem to be doing the right thing. I've got a endless supply of water being my irrigation water is from a creek up behind the house. Then the extra pressure is used in my hydro generator to produce a small amount of power. Then solar panels in the front yard. Then my water is pump right out of the ground in my 50 foot well in the yard. Brilliant photo eh? Clear skies, clean water, and green yard. Right of the photo there is apple trees, then bottom edge there is blackberries outside my front door. Like other things if done respons
  24. Gents, this is good stuff. I genuinely appreciate the insight of people in different positions than myself. Politically, I'm happy to live in states that are about 50-70% red. Any drastic change in american consumption is going to require a massive change in the ideology and culture similar to the Great Depression. A government cannot simply mandate people be more frugal with money. And I would be willing to bet that the entire argument against taxing things so people consume less is (back in the 70's as you said) was that it was one of the reasons the US exists in its current for
  25. Can't let the 'green new deal' take away our economy. This eco squad is dangerously extreme, doesn't consider all the trade offs and will hurt a lot of families, peoples lives with their policies. Next the Dems are too sneaky, dark, will push money grabbing policy under this 'new deal'. It's nothing but a bunch of horse chit because there is no way you can change peoples basic needs that will always impact the rest of the planet. Any extreme new deal to reduce climate change will only stall the problem for a day by comparison. Back in the 70's they were talking about high taxes as

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