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  2. Yeah, some of these leaked videos sometimes don't last very long and are pulled down. But I get tons of these kinds of video feeds from TikTok that everyone is so afraid the government is stealing your information from TikTok. Not so... Even with my my knowledge of the internet and servers the only thing they can get from my account is my phone number which is used to log in to TikTok. The biggest reason I watch TikTok is the fact the US government has no control over TikTok since it is a China-owned company and cannot push the democratic agenda that occurred with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Being the US government cannot squelch the voices here hence why I find all the US Senate and Congress meetings these are leaked out on TikTok till they possibly get reported. Just like the Supreme Court has ruled that the Biden Administration was caught violating the 1st Amendment and been told they can no longer squelch the free speech of US Americans in social media PERIOD! Then you see the governor of New Mexico that is trying to suspend the 1st and 2nd Amendments and they are starting to investigate into impeaching this governor (Michelle Lujan Grisham) and remove her from office for treason. Mainstream media is pumping out the Democratic agenda full throttle I see this from many people even here on the website. All I can say is you must think outside the box. Don't bother listening to mainstream media because its all lies and cover up to make the Democrats look like they are doing good things for the Americans. Sorry, this is all BS. Look at the price of oil going up price of diesel and gasoline is going up. The OPEC is telling the US they are cutting production in half. I found another video where Biden had stopped all the oil and natural gas leases in Alaska now. The US is not really producing any oil now and we are dependent on the Russians and OPEC for oil now. Let's talk about money. US Dollar is crashing in value. BRICS nations are now creating their own GOLD and SILVER-backed currency that will have a conversion of roughly 55 US dollars to 1 BRICS dollar. This will make the price of everything here soon to jump out of sight. Then the US is talking about creating a new fiat digital currency that will not be backed by gold or silver but continue to be backed by debt like currently but the bonus will be that the US Gov't will be able to track every transaction with the FedNow and CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Then if you are like me and want to buy a bit of ammo I might find that my money is frozen or might have Feds show up and want to know why I'm buying ammo. Yes, this has already happened with some people. I can go on and on about information I've found on the internet.
  3. When I have time my good friend the 'mop up Man'! Remember the coke in the closet? No one knows anything about that either ... they all stand around going
  4. Please watch https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8jjWmvX/ https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8jjEjEw/ https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8jjpBRh/ https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8jjvF3n/ https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8jjK4oj/ https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8jjbMrm/ This is the US Senate discussing The Green New Deal and how its tied to China and Russia. Then there is more... https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8jjxgLT/
  5. A lot, if not, most of my clients are quietly ignoring the wrongful policies of our Gov't. I regard them very highly for their courage, quietly doing the right thing. 3 of them, as I recall are in authority and cannot help having a high regard for these people and the teams they work with. Gives me some hope for our future but, I am afraid it's not going to be enough. I think many crimes are committed by the Bidens and others in high places but, with a President that knows nothing of what's happening, many things can go unnoticed. They have someone in authority who cannot be blamed for his senility, which may give others the freedom to present their own policies, which cannot be understood, as we discussed above, they are twisted and are 'far off'. It also lets illegal activity go unpunished. At the same time making Trump out to be a criminal. That poor guy has been hammered with legal fees and obligations.. Who is really in control my friends? There may be some very strange policies, twisted far from American values behind those press conference curtains. They may be doing this on purpose attempting to Bankrupt and destroy Americans in the process I think there are some very evil people in our world today who hate Americans.
  6. Just consider the price of oil roughly 85 a barrel now and going to 300 a barrel. Then OPEC is cutting production. Then the dollar is losing value. Can you say 15 to 20 a gallon for fuel.
  7. Yep I am afraid it's only going to get worse. If it gets better it will be because a good president comes into office. One that holds good principals and values and does not lie and ruin the banking system and devalue the dollar. The enormous spending is what the crux of the problem is, together with the lies and criminal activity destroys what America used to stand for. W-T is supposed to interject something usually at this point but, has to deal with rebuilding his shop after the Paradise fire. He says it's tough to find good contractors plus his shop is an expensive shop to replace. He's a good man to come up with those wire harness mods that are so effective.
  8. If the government can hear and see everything we do with our cellphones why can't the government deal with these issues and stop these criminals? Maybe because the government can't actually track people like they claim they can. Heck if they could track people why aren't the drug lords stopped? Why is the "Crime Family" still running our country? Remember that the legal system now is not what you think it is. Look in any courtroom if the flag has a yellow tassel on the flag then it's Maritime Law, not Constitutional Law. This is why that is happening. LAW OF THE LAND The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be in agreement. It is impossible for a law which violates the Constitution to be valid. This is succinctly stated as follows: "All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." - Marbury vs. Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174,176, (1803) Yeah, this was made law back in 1803... Just think of all the gun laws that they created. Those are all in violation of the 2nd Amendment. How about the police can video record you but some freak out when you record them and the cop tells you can't record them? This is a 1st Amendment violation. I can go on and on. You might want to visit a Democrat state and talk to the Democrats living in those states who are clinging to the same crap. Trump hurt my feelings, Trump is a bad person, blah blah blah... Just look at how the Democrats have sent tons of money over to Ukraine billions at a time. Look at how Democrats are still creating more and more taxes fees and fines. The dollar is crashing out so badly that I don't think we are going to make it to the 2024 election time. I feel the Democrats will find a way to start a war before the election to hopefully prolong the election time. Biden has been proven to be a criminal but here our own government is not impeaching Biden and dragging their feet.
  9. I read the polls which show a majority still have good solid American values. So yes, I believe what your saying above and believe you are correct. Many anti American politicians are paid huge sums to promote this unpopular phony agenda that is causing America to weaken, to fall apart. Why could they want this? They are paid is the only reason I can see and to weaken America for an eventual takeover. What I see however, can be and is often wrong... just thinking out loud here but, trying to understand the very wrongful policies that are taking place, are tossing out the moral majority in this country. Did you see the illegal immigrant this morning that killed 2 young children? He escaped prison and have had to shut down the local schools because they are concerned about what he might do? why wasn't this scumbag eliminated? Did you see the judge who ignores the laws established that protect the rights of our citizens and has called 4 pro life activists criminals/ I understand they did no harm to anyone in their protests yet the judge has found them guilty?! It's getting worse my friends. I have further beliefs in God and prophesy but, won't go into that unless others show interest in what to me clearly shows the stage is being set and filming may be about to start.
  10. With all the old senators in office, one has to wonder how they stay in office. Make no mistake, there is a path this country is taking and if you think your vote makes a difference, you're very much mistaken. Feinstein, McConnell, Sanders, et al need to go, but yet they stay. Anyone young interested in politics has no use or interest in the long term croneys in office. They vote, but the old ones never leave. To me voting is just a tactic to make the population believe they have a say. No chance some moron like AOC gets re-elected. No way in hell, but there she is. Who in America can verify and check votes? No one. They tell you how an election comes out and everyone just accepts it. One person says it's bull crap and he's getting charged, yet the mope in office doesn't even know where he is and his kid is raking in billions. I've seen the same crap here in Illinois politics. Everyone hates the people in charge, yet they get re-elected over and over. We set the record for consecutive governors going to prison, yet their croneys stay in office. Voting is the biggest joke ever played on the American public and nobody cares. Feinstein hasn't been to work in forever, yet she stays in power until 2025 and has a say as to what happens in this country. McConnell is a zombie that completely freezes up and has no clue, yet he still has a say in what happens in this country. Who is making their decisions and choices? It's all a scam and I feel so sorry for my kids and I truly hope I never have grandkids because this country is being sold out.
  11. Keep your circle small, prepare, and hang on tight. Also, for those of us who are Christian, we know we are imposters in this world, but we can’t live on the fringes of society. Stand up for the each other, and for the innocent these wolves will prey on.
  12. For major co₂ reduction, population control, and protein production soylent green, in the end, is the answer
  13. I know that most Americans are fed up with what has developed in this country. My only hope is that most of us who have a strong ethical side toss out this political divisive paradigm, so prevalant today, so we can unite, and get our Gov't back on strong healthy tracking again. we cannot stand as a nation divided against ourselves we need to get back to basics that have always worked....
  14. Illegals make for future liberal voters is my guess. If you're a political party big on promoting "dependance on the govt for programs" which then needs high taxes to pay for the "dependance", why not get a bunch of illegals to be the recipients of the tax payers money ? Back in 2012 I was the leader of our teachers union group (CTA). We had such poor service from CTA that we voted ourselves out and formed an independent association. We were also tired of the ever increasing dues with no service. You talk about a cat fight, CTA slandered me to no end and my name was mentioned in a New York Times article! It was the best move we ever made! At that time, CA liberal Diane Feinstein (or was it Pelosi?) was quoted saying that illegals were a big issue in state finance and that the average "head of household" in CA paid over 1100.00/yr in taxes for services to illegals. In 2012 my wife was working part time and making about 1200.00/month so she was working one month a year for services to illegals! How is that right! ?????? I'm not against people from other countries coming here but there is a process to become a citizen, so follow the process, just like my ancestors did over 100 yrs ago.
  15. My question is why are they allowing so many illegals to cross the borders? Is there a reason behind this? Something is not right when so many wrongs are committed. There has to be a reason. I am afraid a very selfish one.
  16. I agree with you 110% @JAG1, I'd go into a rant at this point but ill be honest. I have not had enough coffee to put together a coherent ramble. Its very sad what our country has become. It truly sickens me.
  17. We as a nation are being held hostage to a gov't that is corrupt, phoney and does not work hard with any sort of good work ethic to keep us strong and safe. Joe Biden with his corrupt little senile act of innocence knows how crooked he is... I think is all one big phoney act, an act of distraction, acting like he's too senile to be guilty, I think is just a pile of lies. We are exploited for our hard earned money paying taxes to a now debt ridden nation with ineffective policies that spent so much it has destroyed our savings, our net worth. We as a nation are on a wide path to destruction and Joe with his little act of 'too old to be guilty' has shut down a pipeline putting 40,000 people out of work possibly because he was paid by any number of the OPEC nations to keep oil prices higher. Look how he pulled out of Afganistan, his little act of stupidity because he's so old worked again didn't it? I wonder how much was transfered for that ? We are on a path of destruction my friends and America is being run into the ground. Off the subject a bit... I was amazed to buy a couple normally healthy vegetables lately that I like to eat raw but, had to be thrown out because they tasted like they were grown and irrigated with polluted water. They were absolutely sickening. I am sorry to see what we are becoming as a nation. I am even more sorry knowing how long I went without a father who was overseas much of the time and then killed in the war just before turning 13. we all sacrificed while growing up as a result. Any thoughts are appreciated and thank you for reading.
  18. No. Not true. China has gone to gold back money and several other countries have too. So this means the US Govt will have to gold back monies to continue to trade with other countries. The E-cash or Bitcoin type (electronic money) money will not work because it will not be backed by gold. Other countries will not trade in fiat money that is worthless.
  19. We used to be guaranteed by gold. Fort Knox is the depository. We've far out borrowed our assets. No different than a home equity loan of 100 million on a house worth 100 thousand. The problem is, the owners of the house are the ones writing the loans against it with absolute abandon. We are so intrenched in debt and spending, there is no way out. You can't pay interest on a loan with another made up number that you can't possibly pay back. The debt ceiling is a made up number based on nothing more than a bunch of people saying this is what we owe. Owe to who? The world bank that will collapse the same time we do? We can't survive because nobody in power wants to face reality and live within our means. By that I mean our tax dollars is the governments paycheck and they need to stop living on more. Doesn't work very long for the working class, it can't work for long for government.
  20. Before long cash as we know it will be gone. All virtual money for us citizens, the elite will hold the gold and other precious commodities. More control from the elites. That's all it is. It won't change until something monumental happens.
  21. That's why the BRICS countries are now switch to gold backed monies. US will be forced to follow suit to continue to trade with other foreign countries. https://www.usdebtclock.org/ Look at the dollar value behind Oil, Gold and Silver...
  22. What should we do? I ask because gold is like a stick in the mud, lost it's luster and doesn't move a whole lot compared to the current situation. Why is that? Or do you think investors are going to a monstrous jump on it soon. It will upend the Dollar and hurt a lot of people relying on paper.
  23. https://www.usdebtclock.org/ Now on the right side of the debt clock look at dollars vs oil, silver and gold. Dollar is worthless.
  24. Our dollars need to be backed by 2 stoke oil and diesel. That's what we got and lots of it. Biden is just saving our reserves for when OPEC runs out. Biden is very smart and doesn't know it.
  25. Won't be long now. This country will be meaningless.... https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRtAoy8F/

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