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Re-Using Air Dog, Fass... Belt Driven Supply Pump

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For the  unlucky few  who  may have  a  dud   air dog  or  fass  laying around,    (as in  bad motor or  wore out pump)...     re-use just the   filter/air separation  part    as  part of  a  belt driven  system?     Seems like  everything  is  self contained/sourced.     your   water/air  separation,   regulator....  just  remove the motor and gut the  pump, block off/seal    and  presto?   (ok,  would have to move it  downstream of the belt driven   pump)..

I've  bled out my eyes   reading  hundreds of  posts   over on  CF  about the   dtt guy  promising  a  cheap  diy   'kit'.... which eventually  ended up  as  his  ' COMPLETE'   setup.      He  drew me in  with  'cheap  Grainger sourced  gear pump..... and  with his   bracket , pulley and hose kit...   he  dangled  ~300 or less  in  total cost.   Well,  that thread  was  about   4 yrs ago,  and    he  was  simply  trying to  duplicate  the  mitusa  system,  but  cheaper.    I burned up most of my daily  bandwidth   chasing  down his   thread.... only to see  it   evolve into his  dtt assassin.     ~600 bucks  is  a long  ways  from  his original   300!!!


Just  thinking about  continuing on with his  original   'diy'  belt driven system...     I  probably  have  a lot of  hardware laying around  not  being used!



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