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Torque management

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I was having a yarn with a Dodge mechanic a while age and mentioned how my truck seems to really work nice once you get rolling and the auto is in overdrive and the converter locks up.

He said it was built that way on purpose and thet Dodge calls it torque management. Supposedly helps the trans live a little longer.

Is this correct, I tried a search but found lots of other stuff. Not so much on this.

I may have even asked about it before, thought I already bugged you about it.

How does it do this, i would assume it regulates the timing and fuel somewhere along the line.



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Torque management is nothing more than ECM monitoring the ABS computer over the CCD network for road speed and keep the throttle defuelled till you reach roughly 25 MPH and then opens up to full fuelling of the ECM. This prevents the engine from producing excessive torque on lower gears to prevent transmission damage.

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