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Hello from Michigan


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Hey guys I'm Konnor. I am from Hadley, Michigan. I am going tomorrow to pick up my 01 Dodge and am looking forward to learning more about these trucks. I have been a ford guy for a while, then tried a duramax, and its time for a cummins to say the least. Looking forward to getting to know y'all and learning some stuff!


The truck I am picking up is a 2001 Dodge ram 2500 SLT quad cab long bed. It is an auto with a suncoast converter, billet input, and suncoast clutches. It has 150hp DDP injectors, Edge Juice with attitude, and an exhaust. It has 157,000 miles.



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Well guys I am bummed to say I did not get the truck. I drove 5 hours to go get the thing on saturday and got there to only be very disappointed.


Issues with the truck were:

-blown front main seal

-smelled like coolant

-bald tires

-drivers side seatbelt was locked and the box from under center seat was MIA

-dash was severely band-aided and looked like hell

-steering was very sloppy

-brakes sucked

-"built" trans shifted like garbage when barely under load

-bed sounded like it was going to fall off every bump



also the truck had a manual lock for the 4wd, and a hole in the bed from a stack. So my guess is it was at one point in time a pulling truck.


So now I am on the hunt for a 3rd gen 04.5-06 preferably with reasonable miles and either a built auto or manual in the 20k range, so we will see what I can come up with. Like i said I was very disappointed to have to leave the truck behind but it had money pit written all over it.

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Well guys I actually ended up getting an 04.5 Last week. Decided to just go for it and spend the extra money for a truck that would last me.


its an 04.5 3500 QCSB Laramie with 156k on it


-Suncoast trans

-Head studs

-II Dragonfly injectors

-Phatshaft 62/14 turbo

-Fass 150

-AFE intake

-4" Stainless exhaust

-Mag Hytec Rear pan and trans pan

-Lorenz Industries Coils, leafs, and control arms

-Thuren Fab track bar

-King Shocks

-Carli Suspension sway bar, hd end links, and steering stabilizer

-Gearbox brace and redhead gearbox

-Firestone rear bags

-Ranch hand rear bumper

-Western poly ultra mount plow


I must say it doesn't ride as good as my duramax did but i love the power and feel of the truck. Very happy with the purchase.

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