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  1. I know of a place that you can buy a rattle can of Vinyl/plastic dye that should match well!!
  2. Hey Ed, I know of a very reputable transmission shop in Brooksville, Fl. I use them and they are an awesome Family owned business of 35 years!! They rebuilt the transmission on my 91 Lincoln and did the inspection,fluid change and tail shaft install on YabbaDoo when I first bought the truck. They are a very honest and trustworthy shop with top notch technicians!! I know it would be a bit of a drive for you but, for me it is worth the drive up to Brooksville Transmissions from Tampa to know you are dealing with an awesome honest and trustworthy shop They have awesome customer service and fair pricing with a nationwide warranty http://brooksvilletransmissions.net
  3. The tank isn't hard to drop in the driveway... Just make sure it is close to empty
  4. Welcome from Florida I used to live in El Cajon yeas ago Tell us what you have
  5. Went over to Redneck Trailer Supply and picked up a new Bearing set Not thrilled that they are made in china but they were the only ones that had the right bearings and seal in stock... Any way I ended up using the old races for knock in tools, just ground them down enough on the bench grinder enough so that they wouldn't get stuck in the hub Worked awesome!! According to my buddy Floyd Lloyd Manual Labor (as I call him...lol) I also apparently made some homemade hooch by accident...lol I had my buddy go empty a cooler that had been sitting behind the trailer since July and he found that the bottle of Juice turned into hooch He asked if I wanted to try some and I said "Hell no" you drink it if you want, that has been sitting in that cooler since July"... Well he did After he had been here a few hours and didn't get sick, he did talk me into taking a small glass jar of it to "maybe" try a bit later... I called him about 9:30 to see if he was still feeling ok... Since he was and said it had a pretty good kick, I drank my little jar of accidental hooch... I'll be darned, it was actually really good!!! Thinking I might have to make some on purpose now
  6. I have 1969 Buick wildcat as well And it has at least an 8 body trunk...
  7. Very Nice!! I have 3 trucks... 2 Dodges 1 GMC
  8. It was done several years back however, less that 3500 miles have been put on the Horse trailer...The ex got the 3500 24v (the dumbass traded it for a Hyundai Sante Fe ) and my 1500 isn't the right truck to pull the trailer (except in a pinch) the trailer has been sitting (and not in water..lol) The seal looked good and looks as if they forgot to do the one wheel because the others don't look bad.. Remember this is a Horse trailer and not a boat trailer.. I have never driven it in water, and as far as I can recall it hasn't been driven in the rain once since the bearings were repacked by the trailer company... Rancherman it wasn't bailing twine This horse trailer has been on road only and never out in the field And I am OCD when it comes to bailing twine!! I save a few strands for fixes but the rest goes in the garbage ASAP!! But I do agree with the water intrusion, I knew that the moment I took the cap off....
  9. Been way too long to take it back to get it resolved..... I will just fix it and be done with it and know it is done the right way!!
  10. Well back when my ex and I were splitting I let someone else (a local big Trailer sales and service place) repack my bearings on my horse trailer as I had other things on my front burner and they needed to be done... I will let the pictures speak for themselves.... I cleaned the old bearings in some Colman fuel but alas,the bearings are toast and need to buy new ones Soooooo, This is why I hate letting anyone work on my vehicles
  11. Howdy and welcome from Florida!!
  12. Well I got some tow mirrors today for $10.00 at the Webster Auto Swap... Saw them laying on the ground next to a bunch of other stuff so I asked him what they came off of, he said a chevy Even though they looked like they would fit YabbaDoo I walked away, then I look over see a 99 Ram 3500 sitting on the next isle over soooooo, I ask the owner of the truck if I could use his mirrors to see if the tow mirrors would work and he said yes I walkeed back to the guy who had the mirrors and asked if I could take one over and see if it would fit... They may not be pretty but they fit well and for $10.00 I couldnt go wrong!!! I have to go teach a class here in a few min so I will see how well they hold still and I will update when I get home I also bought a folding camp table like I used to have when I was a kid $3.00
  13. Name: Dodge Ram 1500 (1994) Date Added: 02 January 2015 - 08:47 AM Owner: YabbaDoo Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  14. Name: Buick Wildcat (1969) Date Added: 02 January 2015 - 08:41 AM Owner: YabbaDoo Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  15. Off topic but, By your call name you are a buick guy right
  16. In fact, I bought 2 just to have a spare... Had the headlight switch go out in my other truck as well a few years back soooo, I figured for 5.00 it could sit in the spare parts box
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