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Hi there

I hoping someone can help me with My 2001 Dodge 2500 Cummins  , this truck is the first new truck I have ever owned bought it for the motor after working on and around Heavy equipment most of My life . Just after I bought it about 4500 Miles when pulling a grade rolling at 54 to 68 Mph the Rpms would drop 2-250 rpm and jerk a bit but only loaded down and going up hill .I took it strait to Earn Harts Dodge It was there a week they all's they did was flash it and it lost a ton of power and it did not fix it .Next they put a APPS in it ,  no good plus 4 more At Larry Miller Dodge Glendale AZ just to make sure next they rewired the power wire from the Alt so many times I lost count .Then hacked up the wire harness bypassing other  wires and every time telling me it was fixed . This was all before I lost the lift pump at 75000 after the warranty was up . Brand new VP44 out of MY pocket Fast fuel  pump and still more of the same . A tuner to try and get back all the power loss from the 35 plus  flashes  35 the amount of times it was at the dealer ship under and out of warranty . The Service manager finally told me I had to live with it . because he said they couldn't find the cause 


Sorry for the Book

So last year I had to put a Trans in it all bilit best of everything $3500 could get . Now the rpms don't drop the go up 200 rpms jerks it is constant  And It's Pissing Me Off . The Trans Guy took a ride with me with his scan tool just like the Dealers Top Mechanic did who said nothing Trans Guy said it is loosing power to the APPS which screws with the Computers big time ???


If Anyone has or knows of a fix please help

Thanks Ken

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Sorry about your trouble Ken. First off I never go to the dealers Ken because it'd been my experience that they don't care but to only get you to trade in your truck. I hear many stories of them just throwing parts at a problem without really knowing/ caring about the situation. Confusing electronics/ computers are a real boone to the service dept and truck sales dept.

I wish they hadn't messed with the wiring so much and put the expensive/ unreliable new APPS on there. The aftermarket one is only about $175 and is proving smoother and long lasting. It's called a Timbo APPS on Google.

Do you have a fuel pressure gauge? That's imperative for beginning the diagnostics on a truck.

Forgive my distaste for dealerships..... it sounds to me like they are confused except to give you a ride for a trade in.

This could be poor fuel supply, bad VP, bad lift pump, which the oem's are often failing. Also could have bad overflow valve or fuel supply clogs in the tank.

Lift pump the dealers put inside the tank is a poor option. You really need it acessable on the frame and off the vibration of the hot engine.

Folks can help you better than I can on this forum. I suggest just getting the truck home first.

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I have heard of bad/dirty grounds causing issues with holding RPM and also bad APPS causing the same issues. It sounds like they checked the important things but what has me stumped is why there was a lack of power after the flash they did. Makes me wonder if the flash didnt agree with the ECM or maybe the ECM is fried and wouldnt take the flash? Another reason I think you might have a ECM issue is the fact that the APPS is loosing power. As far as I know that power comes from the ECM.

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