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doesn't go to 'new' posts..


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I  usually see  if   anyone  has added  to  content  I've  responded to.  (notifications)  with the little red  box  indicating  the number of  new posts. 

I see  Mopar1973man  and  Yankneck  both responded to   'disassembled a  vp44'   early this morning   ~8:00  am,   Katoom  also  had one later yesterday.....  but   clicking on that  link  only goes to the last one  yesterday at  ~4:00 pm  by  Man4mopar..


were these  lost in space?

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hmmm,  everything is  still 'checked'  that  needs be..     other  threads  seem to be  ok with  notifications  of  new content..  Just  the 

'disassembly of  Vp44'  one  is lacking.    It doesn't even  show up on  going to the  thread  via   forums.

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