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Brake part Name needed plz

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As the title says i need the "Proper Term" for a piece on a 1998 Dodge 3500. And i'm in kind of a rush persay as I leave in 2 days for a 4 day weekend at the lake. And the boss wants the truck fixed i need outta my Drive way to get my camper out. Anyway's Today our work truck had a problem just to fill y'all in on how "Fun"it was. Sooo my coworkers used the company truck 3 time's today with no issue persay I was asked to go pick up a Tractor. As they returned in the truck i jumped in road back to the field and hooked up the trailer. Grabed the money for the tractor and headed out. I got down the gravel road hit the brake's and the rear tires grabed and drug alittle (Normal dually on gravel drag but, a little worse). Since the others had just returned thought nothing of it took off down the road. Got to the top of a big 6% hill hit tow haul to slow me down as i always have done.  It geared down slowed up from 55-45. Then i easied the brake pedal down only it went right to the floor ZERO brakes.... i easied the truck down into second then first thank fully no one was coming as i was doing about 15mph when i got to the T junction . I went ahead to the left as i live a 1/4 mile back the next road past the T junction in the wood's. Made it to my drive rolled up the hill my drive way is and threw it into park and shut it off. Poped the hood seen the Master clyinder was bone dry... I knew then a line had busted sometime today. Turns out it was the metal to rubber junction on the frame rail had ruster clear into... does anyone know the name of it since the moron 15yr cashier cant find wiper blades unless they know if its a Diesel or gas or 2x4 or 4x4. They can't help without a name to input into computer. Chilton dosent have it neither does Haynes. Any help would be great


And since this was a northren truck and was obviosly never cleaned rust is bad real, real, bad so i told the boss since i'm back tthere and everything is rusted in-to or together i'm replacing it all with new from the Drum's, Shoe's, Sping kit, Wheel clyinder's, Both metal line's  the rubber line, the Rear end sensor or Speed sensor i belive, and the piece in question its the one where the long front to back metal line goes in to the rubber line that goes to the Junction. can get a pic if needed but its dark out.   lol hope y'all can help thanks for reading..

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