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Here we go! Diesel fuel in the jeep...


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I think I'm  going to regret  buying this Liberty! 


Pulled into the   filling station this morning,  and   drove right past  the  gas pumps,  and   parked next to the  green handled  one arm bandit...


ding ding ding... started filling  my first tank  in this  jeep. ( ok,  fuel pumps don't go 'ding'  anymore)   I noticed   you can't   run  full tilt  on the nozzle,   Foam  was  affecting the  way  the vent system allowed the fuel to run into the tank...  No big deal..


This is about  when  the real fun began!    Lady  from the  store came  bombing out   screaming  "MISTER, MISTER.... YOU CAN'T PUT DIESEL IN THAT CAR"...    

................. :doh: ..................


I gotta come up with some real hokey replies..   such as  "  oh heck,  I thought this  was    flex fuel vehicle"..  or     'ah,  it'll burn   anything..  Beer,   Pepsi,   buttermilk'..  :evilgrin:



feel free to add to the list!


finally  some  pics of the new  buggy.


Armadillo strike  damage  to the  front bumper cover...   ~ 140 bucks       Really?   a  german  WWII  helmet  with 4 legs



Not much to see  here..    Nice  shot of  a  big piece of plastic though!


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yep.   Mike is  correct.

That  filter head is  quite  a   trouble maker:


This system  uses   Bosch  cp3   injection pump,   which    draws  fuel  clear from  tank.  (through the filter).. no pusher pump anywhere.  

The filter head also has  2    systems   in there..  WIF  and    heating element.     Supposedly,   the   electrical  connector  gets  hot enough  to   partially melt the  rubber  isolator  in the heating circuit.   causing    air to enter.  

Since this  was   a   San Antonio   vehicle,   and  the  fuel  heater  comes on   @  ~  36*     I  think it's     safe  to  say   the filter head   is  good (for now)    Mopar  has    upgraded   the  part  for  ~ 120 bucks.  With new  filter  element and  pigtail assy.


Engine also has  what is  called  "viscous  heater".      Its a  little  pump  that  is  run off the   serpentine  belt,   it  is   driven through a   clutch  which is   just like the  AC pump.      It  has    a  stator and  rotor just  like a  torque convertor...  but    pulls      antifreeze  out of the head,   warms it up,  and  sends it back to the head.        Yesterday,  at  idle,   I  witnessed it   pull the idle speed  down  about  50   rpm   when it  cycled...


This  motor  is   kinda a  bearcat to  get  warmed up..  so  lots of  different mods  are  being  used  to help  with  this.    I've been lurking  around in  lostjeeps.com   

....... I think  I'll  just   make sure  the  t stat is  good  first,  then   find  a nice front cover...  Then  we'll see  how it  goes from there

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