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front driveshaft replacement

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did my  semi annual  driveshaft greasing today,  and   I did replace  a  front  joint.  I also noticed  the  CV  is getting  a little funky.    (you know the  little  'cup' for greasing the  centering ball... the one that is  next to impossible to grease!)..

So,  a quick  search  and  I think I'll go with a  custom type  shaft.   Littons  out of  Salt Lake    shows   a   brand new, all Spicer components,  with  1350  CV joint,  (oem is  1330  series)   for about  350 bucks.   Any custom length,  and  balanced...  

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 Man,  I can't remember names to save my life!

You realize that is a sign of getting old, don't you? I mean after all, the memory is the second thing to go........ Give me a few minutes to figure out what the first thing is........

edit 8:59PM: Still working on it........ Give me some more time, I will remember, I will remember.........

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