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Ferguson Counter Protest Humor


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When and IF the riots start and the crys or "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" go out.  The store owners, home owners, and private property owners need to shout back "Pants UP, Don't Loot!"  :sofa:



I could certainly understand if these "protestors" and the local black people who live there burned the police stations and kicked the crap out of the cops.  If they are any remotely like our sheriff, they desperately deserve and need it.  This would take courage, integrity, and heart.  Burning and looting peoples private property and businesses is nothing more than lawless, criminally savage behavior.  The above having been said AND knowing all the facts are NOT out yet........from my limited and current understanding, it you try to grab my firearm away from me, I would very likely shoot too. 


Life is TOUGH........it tougher if you are stupid. 

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