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I found a nifty way of cutting bandwidth usage on the site. Basically you can create artwork into a font. So for example.




This little icon is 388 bytes. So what if I had one character in a font that was say Facebook icon. Now it only 1 byte for that icon. Be nothing more than a one character icon now in the fonts. Save huge amounts of bandwidth. But there is a catch. Just like text you can change colors and sizes but you not going to have the custom colors like the current icon its going to be like black in white or blue in white. I did a demo run and quick hammered a Cummins C logo into vector art and then created a font. Yea I know the word cummins is missing but for a 5 second test drive and creating I was truely shocked on how good the art turned out. So I'm going to work on this process slowly for the forum and lighten the load of graphics where I can. There is some places where graphics are needed and other places where a icomoon font would work much better.




More here...


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