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Coming too close to home!


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Recent politics near me and also in a city I used to call home are gaining some attention! In recent, Wa state has approved a bill called, "i594".






This has certainly heated some things up over here near me. This protest turned out good and no one was arrested or hurt.


Just recently, I now became aware of a sticky situation occurring in Spokane.






There is more video coverage on PP, infowars youtube channel about the situation in Spokane and the recent events. I'm concerned at how this is going to turn out..


Another associated video is covered of a black hawk chopper circling Spokane. Being that I used to live in Spokane, the recent presence of these choppers has been alarming as I never really seen them as a kid. When I worked in Spokane on a construction job, I would frequently witness choppers of all sorts of makeup circle over the city and do what I would judge as maneuvers. Whether they were an offensive or defensive, I do not know. But wondered why they were doing something like this in the middle of a populated area!


Now, we do have Fairchild air force base here that utilizes tankers. Although, I have worked on the base many times and witness more than just tankers flying. I have seen multiple choppers and jets doing flight paths, etc. This is something I have accepted to be the norm for the base as this is what I know of to just be usual training.


The startling fact is, recently, in Oct. My mother discussed with me how there was a joint exercise being conducted. Where it was I don't know. I would assume somewhere near the base. Although, this has been unlike any other event, as if it was just a typical exercise, there would be no reason to let the public know! I also have been told there is a tank training range near the Spokane river, west of Spokane. As a kid fishing the river, I could never figure out what was making such loud noises. Well, must have been the tanks.


I say all this because sometimes I can discern certain events as what was typical and not unusual for this area. Although, with all that was going on as a kid, never was I woken up by noises that these things made. When my mother alerted me to this exercise that took place in Oct. she was affected by this for a week in the early mornings from the noises this made! She is in the middle of the city! The base is outside of the city and miles from the metro area. I have no idea where this occured.


The recent events alarm me as I feel like I have a versed understanding of what is being conducted. I really feel like things are being written on the wall, you just have to look up to see it.


Tomorrow, there will be a protest at the Spokane Valley police dept. over the presence of an MRAP in the Sheriff's hands. This protest will involve people who will be armed! My hope is that this will be a peaceful event and that no one will be hurt in this protest. I'm very concerned at what may transpire. I know that the local police in the Spokane area tend to be over-zealous in how they treat a situation. I certainly hope that the local LEO will be briefed in how to respond to this event and act accordingly according to the constitution!


Keep your eyes peeled on this one folks! I don't recall a protesting event that has occured such as this one in relation to the MRAP's!


My opinion on this matter:


- Sheriff, Ozzie, at the time, dept.'s nationwide were making a stance, for or against the people in relation to whether they would stand with any federal officer when conducting unconstitutional gun grabs, stood with the people. He made a public announcement stating that he would protect the people and stand on their side if it were to come to pass. Spokane police dept.'s recently appointed police chief, Mike Straub, which I will also add he is a Californian transplant, stated he stood with the feds and would not hesitate to disarm the public.


In this instance, there was at present a large polarization. Most sheriff's stood with the people, and most police stood with the feds. Does the sheriff have alterior motives with the acquisition of this MRAP? I do not know, but I certainly hope that the men under him really do stand with the people and do not cave to any pressure to do otherwise!


Pray for these brave people to actively protest their local govt. about a concerning situation! I would have gone to this protest, but was not made aware of the timing until it was too late to make a presence. I will be down with family in the Spokane area for Christmas. If this situation escalates and I believe it needing my presence, I will be sure to inform you all about the situation as it unfolds!

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