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  • HVAC Case Removal

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    HVAC Case Removal

    WARNING! Disconnect the batteries for at least 15 minutes before starting to disassemble the dash. This is because of the Air Bags in the dash. This is just a safety precaution to keep the possibility of discharging your Air Bags while you work on your dash.

    So that being said we'll disconnect the batteries and work under the hood for a short period. There are a few chores we got to do under the hood.

    Drain at least 1 gallon of coolant
    Disconnect the heater hoses
    Remove the Air-filter Assembly
    Discharge the freon from the Air Conditioning System
    Disconnect all A/C plumbing to the evaporator
    Remove the 4 nuts holding the HVAC unit on the firewall
    On the driver side of trans hump disconnect the vacuum lines to the HVAC

    Now as for the fast way to access the HVAC unit you need to remove all 5 screws all the top of the dash. Then pull the knee bolster and remove the 2 nuts holding the steering column and allow it to lay on the driver seat. Then remove both kick panels and loosen both bolts at the base of the dash. Now in the center (SRS computer) there is 2 bolts and 2 nuts holding the center of the dash these have to be removed. Now gently lift the dash up and out of the slot in the passenger side bolt. Using a tie strap hang the dash from the grab handle on the passenger side.

    Note: You may add a note on automatics to remove the shift indicator cable before dropping the steering column. (Oldbeek)


    Disconnect any wiring going to the HVAC unit. Now there are 2 nuts on the dash side you got to remove.



    Now the HVAC unit will slide out under the dash on the passenger side. You'll have to lift the dash slightly but it will come out easy.

    Heater Core Removal

    Remove the 3 Phillips screws and lift the heater straight up out of the HVAC unit.


    Evaporator Removal

    Flip the HVAC unit upside down. Now find the floor vent and careful unsnap the floor vent and remove the first Phillips screw. Then remove the remaining Phillips screws around the edge.



    Now carefully pry the two halves apart. The picture below is including the heater core so you see part placement. But the heater core was removed in the earlier process.


    Make sure you have new foam to reseal both the heater core and the evaporator if you replace either one. Take the time and clean the HVAC case and any heater core or evaporator that you re-use.

    Now during assembly is careful of the spring loaded door on just left of the blend door. Really easy to crush this little door so take your time and pay attention to this spring loaded flap. Also, make sure to line up the blend door pivot with the hole in the other half. Don't force anything!




    Additional Information

    I want to bring attention to CF article about a short cut method of changing heater cores without pulling the HVAC case. It's possible to do this method but I highly suggest against this. When you remove the entire case and split it open you are able to inspect everything from the blender door plastic shaft to the evaporator. If you do the shortcut method you cannot inspect the evaporator nor clean it. In the pictures below I was able to use a 3,000 PSI power washer and clean the evaporator to re-use it. The owner told me his heater now is way stronger  and hotter. He's got to roll down the window to cool off. In other words, it way better to invest the extra time and effort to pulling and doing the job right.



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    I just did this & it was very helpfull.  I just put my HVAC box back on the firewall & am swapping the dash & wrapping up a few small things.  

    the only thing I wish I had done before I started on this was to put the temp selector in the middle so that it would have run the blend door to the middle.  having it all the way parked made it kind of hard to put the two 1/2's of the box back together, especially with new seals on the Evap.  it was hard to tell if I was just compressing the seals or binding the box on the blend door.  It also bound up the blend door.  I had to remove the servo & bust it loose with a wrench.  


    And FWIW, while I had it all out I leak tested all 3 vacuum pods with my hand held vacuum.  I think I took them to 10 in-hg for 10 minutes each.  


    Also I replaced the vacuum line that goes through the firewall & across the back side of the HVAC box flush with the firewall.  That tube was VERY brittle & it would have been a bummer to have pulled it all out again to replace that tube.  


    One other thing.....  On the bottom of the dash under the steering wheel, there is a sheet metal support that goes across from one side of the dash to the other.  DONT remove that.  I know this instruction does not say to remove it, however there are others out there that do.  I removed it thinking I would need the room for the steering shaft & the dash bent in the middle & cracked all of the plastic that holds the temp control panel into the dash.  Not sure how Im going to fix this now.  



    thanks again for this instructional & the video.  




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    Helped me greatly when did mine a good while back. This made the work quite easy. I did a dash replacement at the same. Dont hold back while you are in there. R and R everything. You will be sorry if you dont. Great right up Mike.

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     Just replaced the heater core and the evap core. These instructions were spit on 100%. Very helpful, so glad I read through them before tackling the job.ade things much easier.

     Now I have super warm heat and cold a/c again! Thank you.

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     Thank you for a great write up, has great detail in step by step fashion. :thumb1:

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    Good detailed instructions, I wish I'd had it when I re placed my dash cover. I also wish I'd replaced my heater core and evaporator as they are 14 years old and are living on borrowed time.

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