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    • You my want to do this also to clean up the ground path for the PCM.    
    • When I did mine I did one at at time in 3 phases to 105 lbs. When they were all done I went back around in 3 passes with about 30 minutes between at 115 then 125. I then turned the block heater on for about 6 hours and re-did them at 125 and called it good. OEM bolt torque is about 105, so you are not increasing the torque on the gasket until all the bolts are replaced with studs.
    • We have two rules around here..... number one, it okay to hyjack a thread every once in awhile. Number two, never assum the most expensive items on your truck first. 
    • Thanks again, yep it was pin 30/31 no ground, connector doesn't have a lock when closed and worked loose. I taped it up for a short term fix and will replace connector as soon as I find one. Now my instruments work but I'm not charging. I un-plugged alternator blue and green wires, started er up and checked voltage on blue=0, green had ground. I have put a 7.5 amp as described, to protect PCM from an alternator short. I checked it and it's good. I am assuming the PCM is bad???
    • I pulled the motor today. Cleaned the connectors and was able to get work on one wiper. Just doesn't have the umph left to run both. Plus it wont park anymore, on off only. Nobody has a motor instock so i got to order one. No rain in the forecast this week so maybe it will get before the rain returns.
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