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  1. I tend to like the smaller calibers being its easier to keep your aim going. Large hand guns with more recoil takes even longer to re-aim and focus again. Small calibers you can pump rounds fast and keep your aim good. That one thing I wanna do this spring is do a bit work with my pistol and fire a few rounds again. Been awhile since I've had a chance.
  2. As you can see I'm half way thru my life span on my injectors. Being when I installed the 7 x 0.010's I was at 13% brand new. Now as they aged and worn a bit now down to 6% at an idle. Still hitting the 800 RPM. I learned this trick when I was trying to re-use my old 150k stock OEM injectors and idle was always high like 850 to 875 RPM. But the engine load was ZERO. I had @dieselautopowerbench test my stock injectors I think there was one as low as 260 bar. But floated most at 270 to 280 bar. This is way to low and even now the timing is greatly advanced with low pop pressure remember takes le
  3. Quadzilla isn't that hard. If you wanna cheat you can download any of the tunes that closely match what your doing then you can tweak the setting again. Quadzilla basically only work with two things. Fuel Timing Nothing else. Fuel side is easy for most because you know if your too heavy of fuel you get smoke. Too light and its weak on power. The timing is what pickles most peoples brain. Not like the old days looked in a book and it said to set you timing for 10 degrees BTDC with a timing light. Now no longer breaking out the timing light. We just grab the iQuad
  4. Kind of like my Dad's Fire Star which was made in Spain. No longer produced. No parts available for it. No extra clip. No good holsters for this pistol. Only reason I would upgrade is to get a name brand weapon so I can get parts, clips and possibly a holster I wanna wear not these custom rebuild things.
  5. Actually is a full delete. The last one I ran you must back up the stock ECM first. Then when you loaded up the deleted side the software for the different functions was deleted completely from the ECM. Now if you needed to return back to stock function you could flash the back up on the tuner. But the actual software is DELETED from the ECM completely, not just disabled. That was the last 2012 Truck I dealt with being there was two different tuners I had to clean up. Required a "stock" reflash at the dealer then reset the delete tuner again everything work right this go around. There is no e
  6. Not sure what your ratio is most likely the Speedometer is wrong you might get GPS out give real speed. Like myself my ABS is correct for my wheels and tires. So with 245/75 R16 and 3.55 axle gears I'm at 3.69 for final ratio. If your speedometer isn't calibrated to your tires then all your speed and distance is inaccurate by quite a bit. The only thing is auto do have a slightly taller final gear. 0.68 ratio IIRC. 66 MPH = 2,000 RPM 82 MPH = 2,500 RPM Engine load is 1% for your injectors are close to final life. This is the ECM defueling more and more trying to hold the
  7. There is way to "software delete" 2007 up. So visually it looks complete but the software is completely missing. I've got my connection on how to get a hold of said tuners. You can keep all the emission stuff completely. So to make it really good is take the DPF beat the guts out of it. Reinstall. EGR Cooler put freeze plugs in both end. Then run your delete tuner.
  8. Who said the stock turbo will remain in the truck forever? I can't do it all right away but it will be replaced at some point too. I'm planning ahead and leave options open for going farther forward in power. Right now I'm not exactly set on any per say size of injectors yet. My design was looking dor about 500 to 550 HP. As a goal but I've several other thing to fix too. Poorly done leveling kit that is trashing the steering and suspension. Get rid of the 33 inch tires and get the final ratio back nearl stock. Again this is a long term project and planning ahead now instead of u
  9. Hence why I daily carry my 9mm over my .22 pistol.
  10. Yeah previous owner did know about the wastegate solenoid the wires were pulled out of the solenoid. Hence why it has CEL on. Who said towing was the only thing? This truck might play a bit too when I get it finished. True I might not tow with that much power but I'll play once in awhile with others. Work in progress...
  11. Give me a bit of time ill most likely show up in my 2006 Dodge. Then we will party maybe a bit of street racing. It's all good...
  12. Sorry I didn't get any photos of the install but it all together and running. Short drive up the highway and it's quiet compared to my 2002. I'm planning on new injectors next and wastegate solenoid. This truck is going to pulling trailers and hauling weight. Oh yeah I will be putting either EFILive or a Smarty on this truck. Already had a nice long chat with @dieselautopower (Jacob Kidd) and going to use most of that clutch capacity. Wonderful to get it running for the first time in about 3 years. I've got one more task before VIN inspection is getting the tail light
  13. I've got a Ruger .22 pistol that can use either .22 Mags or .22 long rifle. Being its a single action it sounds like pop gun with long rifle shells but load up mags and it sounds more like a .357 when fired.
  14. Personally the hole in the manifold is the same and tube feeding the intake horn is the same. Putting that big bulb head on it just make more turbulence in the air flow. True flow intakes like used in racing is the same size both ends and smooth bend.
  15. Perfect! That right there tells me you do have 4.10 gears. Actually this is a good setup. Your at 3.71:1 final to the ground with 35 inch tires. You can typically double check ratio in the glovebox might have it or the under side of the hood.
  16. Bad part is I'm completely COMPLIANT with all SPAM regulations and have been for YEARS! Now the problem stems back to buying the new server and the previous owner(s) most likely spammers that created the blacklisted IP address and then I bought hosting with blacklisted IP address. Now hassling with hosting company to clean up there mess, not mine. Then deal with Microsoft to tell them I was not the owner of this IP address that created the mess. Then come back to the hosting company and make SURE all the email setting like SPF and DKIM are correct. Which they are! Again nothing I'v
  17. Ouch!!! If that 35 inch tires on 3.55 gears you not going to get any MPG's. Your final ratio is 3.21:1 to the ground if your rear axle is 3.55 ratio. You will need to change the axle gears to 4.10 to gain any MPG's back. Optimal is between 3.55 to 3.73 final ratio. Like myself I run 245/75 R16 (30.5 inch tires) which gives me a final ratio to the ground of 3.69:1. This puts me right at 2,000 RPM at 66 MPH. Still running 18 to 19 MPG on winterized diesel up here. Again with your setup you need more retarding to get the turbos to spool up because of the tall final ratio. Even running 82 MPH at 2
  18. Again the lack of sending was Microsoft issues again. No other companies blacklist and much as Microsoft. There has been several software updates and even one pending. So I've got all the server side inspected SPF record, DKIM record. Both the WHM and cPanel both checked. As for the software I've not change any setting for mail delivery in a very long time. Now going to look it has been updated somewhere long the way... Not like previous version I remember.
  19. HotRod VP44 will need a custom timing for sure being that hotrod pumps are mechanically advanced in timing slightly. Questions? What transmission do you have? What rear end gear do you have? What size tires on on the truck? What pop pressure are your injectors set too? How many miles on the injectors? Basically you want a flat fuel table. Like what I've got on my truck is from 0 to 5 PSI is ramping up for smoke control. Then from 5 PSI to 15 PSI is just 100% fuel table. Above the 15 it ramps up again to 150%. This flat zone is built around dai
  20. Yeah I would most likely cut that plastic block terminal off and replace with a crimped ring terminals on the wire. Then use that positive lead from alternator to the circuit breaker and battery.
  21. That series is a pain in the tail. Your going to have to modify that whole setup the charge lead and the two field leads.
  22. Just to show price change. I orignally bought my Jacobs Brake for $700 INSTALLED by Lewiston, ID Dodge Dealer. Back in 2003... Now you can't touch a Pacbrake for now less than about $1,000... Pacbrake would be the one I would buy though if mine was to fail. Pacbrake design has the best hold back power compared to like Jacobs, BD, etc. $1,269 https://www.dieselautopower.com/pacbrake-c44064-inline-mount-prxb-exhaust-brake $1,870 https://www.dieselautopower.com/pacbrake-c44075-direct-mount-prxb-max-flow-exhaust-brake
  23. People think I only deal with my own truck being 90% of the photos I post here. Actually, I've worked for the public now for over 18 years doing diesel work in my local community. After seeing all the different versions of washable performance filters and the results I can clearly say there is no washable filter capable of keeping the dirt and dust out of your engine. Every time you wash that filter you are reducing the filter media from a good micro number to nothing more than a screen door. When do you toss it out? ANYTIME there is dust or blackness to the turbo. This means there are dust an
  24. Make sure to order a extra fuse. I've got no access to any ANL fuses locally and have to order them as well. Hence why for the W-T ground mod I did the circuit breaker being if you blow a fuse I don't want to wait WEEKS for a fuse to be ordered.
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